Racing Career




Would you like to have a career in racing  instead of  your job ?

Are you tired of your job?  In love with racing?  Would you like a career  with unlimited income possibilities? Would you like to be you own boss? Would you like to travel?  Would you like to be a part of a growing company, where your advancement is based on what you accomplish?  Would you like to help racing grow? is the largest website dedicated to local weekly Racing.

Become a part of the Team


Basically what  you  would do is:

At the track:      Cover 4-6 tracks and Special Events.

1 Speak with the Promoter and the Announcer. Show what  can do to help promote their track, and see  how we can help. 2. Take pictures of the drivers and get the bio information for their pages. 3 Take photos of the track and personal. 4. Pass out cards and talk to everyone. Promote in general. 5. Watch the races. 

In the office:

 1. Send the pictures by email and bios by mail to LuvRacin in order for the pages to be made.  2. Upload Photos  and send link.  3. Post website information on bulletin boards to help promote the coverage.

In the sales field:

Call on the sponsors and show them how advertising on can, put them in front of new people in new places. can expand their market area, and help them meet their Marketing & Growth goals. We have ads on the Local, State, Regional or National level.

This is a Commission Sales Job 

Training will be provided.

To be considered for an interview send us short note telling us about your self and your racing experience.  Where you are and what tracks you go to now. What you like about How much time  you can devote.  Include you phone #.  Put "Racing Career"  in the subject line and it will get to me.  Send it to


Roger Bathe Editor