Alice Jacobson


Alice is 38 years old and from Homosassa Springs. She races Thunder stock and her home track of Citrus Co. 

Alice started racing powder puff in 1997. She raced a couple of times a year, After winning a couple she decided to "try her hand at racing full time with the guys.

Rusty Wallace and Alices's husband Allen Jacobson are her racing heroes.

This years car 2002 is a Yellow / purple lettering  1984 Monte Carlo SS with a 350 engine. 

Alice feels like her greatest accomplishment so far is winning 2 Powder Puff races and having the nerve to start racing with the guys.

The thrill of racing for Alice is "being able to go fast and not worry about getting a speeding ticket. I may not be as fast as the guys, but its a blast being out there with them. Most of us in my class get along pretty well and they don't treat me any differently than they do one of the guys..

When as what her greatest racing thrill was Alice said : My 5th power puff race I was running 2nd, and came out of turn 2 a lil too fast. My car spun around and I backed into a dirt pile sending orange sand everywhere. I was not scared. In fact it was so much fun I wanted to do it again.

Alice's goal is to be rookie of the year, and fans favorite or Most sportsman. Hobby stocks are on the agenda for the future.

Allen Jacobson, Chuck Wilburn, Steve Summers, Happy Florian, Steve Starnes, Dick Mitchell, Jeff Teague, Mike Johnson, and Richard Bladl have helped with her racing program.

Quote : Look out boys, It my turn NOW!"











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