Brent Flagg


Brett is 36 years old and from Hyannis Ma. He  started racing in 1999 in endros at Hudson Speedway in Nh. This is the track he call home.  He also races Star in Nh. and Seekonk in Ma. But he is racing at Citrus Co. now.

Brett started because " I always enjoyed competition and driving, so I decided to try before getting too old.

His first win was a figure 8 race in 2000 and he came in 14th in the points his first season at Hudson.

The car is a Chevy Monte Carlo.

Dale Earnhardt Sr is his racing hero.

Brett's greatest thrill was surviving a triple rollover in turn 3 at Hudson Speedway.

His goal is to set up a new car for the Rookie stocks at Hudson and start his second season in April of 2002.

Pit Chief and Mech. is Dwayne Johnson. Tim and Jim and Skip form the Rookie stocks in Hudson also help.


























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