George Heumann


George us 46 years old and from Inverness Fl. he races Sportsman at  his home track of Citrus co. Speedway. he also runs Bronson, and New Smyrna.

George began racing in 1969 in a go Kart. he started because it was a family hobby.

In 1970 he got his first win in a cart at West Hampton. George won the 1997, 1998, and 2000 Mini stock championship at Citrus Co.

The car is a Chevy powered Pontiac body.

All racers are Georges heroes.

Winning the championship in 2000 was his biggest accomplishment.

The greatest thrill in racing for George is "mastering dirt racing"

The goals are to make the car he has now a front runner and to win the New Smyrna Mini Championship.

So many people have helped that George wanted to thank not only those who help him now but those who have helped him down through the years.

Quote: "Don't get excited!"





















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