$25 for a Year

Top 10 reasons why you should buy this ad on

10. For $25 you get Local State and National advertising..... and you don't even have to buy gas.

9. Its cheaper than business cards. You don't have to remember to take them with you. Just say my # is up, on my drivers page, on

8.Targets your market..... This is racers, and car owners with businesses, and almost all sponsors have businesses.

7. Your ad could be hanging in many homes and other Businesses. We encourage drivers to copy and frame there page  and  give it to there sponsors to hang. Many fans do the same. 

6. Its works for you 24 hrs a day..... Even while  YOU sleep!!!.

5. Just a click..... can lead to your story, inventory, or web site (if you don't have one we can build you one)

4. It can't get lost...... in the floor of the truck.

3. It cost less than Pizzas after the races.   

2.  It will last for a year.... Most of the crew leaves after the 4th of July

 #1 reason you should buy a ad on

It is the Most economical form of ad advertising you will ever purchase.