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Gibby Peele


Gibby races out of Laurel Hill, NC.  He began racing in 2002 in the rookie class at Lake View Carolina speedway because it is a "Family Tradition." 

Driving History:

                          Started racing go-carts as a teenager. My daughter (Andrea) convinced me to climb into the driver seat, after being around my fatherís and younger brotherís car. Started building this car with my Father and a friend, with the Guidance of my younger brother.


Biggest Thrill: Was sitting on the pole for the first time for the July 4 race.


Biggest moment: Was winning my first race (10-12-02) on the same night my brother won his race and clinched the points championship.


Favorite Driver: Chris Peele, my brother, because of his determination


Favorite Legend: Dale Earnhardt

"Door to door action." is the thrill of racing for Gibby. 

Dale Earnhardt is his racing hero.

Quote on racing: "A life time of Fun!"

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