Jerry Goose

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2016 Photos, Stories, and Videos

Las Vegas Motor Speedway - Sprint Cup (2) - 3/6/2016

Las Vegas Motor Speedway - Sprint Cup (1) - 3/6/2016

Las Vegas Motor Speedway - XFinity - 3/5/2016

Las Vegas Motor Speedway - Cup Practice - 3/4/2016

The Dirt Track at Las Vegas - WoO Sprints - 3/3/2016

Furniture Row Racing Media Day - 2/10/16

OK  Tulsa                       1/15 Goose                        Chili Bowl

     OK  Tulsa                       1/14 Goose                     Chili Bowl - Pit

OK  Tulsa                      1/14 Goose                     Chili Bowl

AZ  Cocopah                   1/9 Goose                        Winter Heat

AZ  Cocopah                   1/8 Goose                        Winter Heat

AZ  Cocopah                   1/2 Goose                        Winter Heat

      AZ  Cocopah                   1/1  Goose                        Winter Heat Flip

AZ  Cocopah                   1/1  Goose                        Winter Heat


2015 Photos, Stories, and Videos

IN  PRI                     12/10    Goose 

IN  PRI                     12/9     Goose 

NV  SEMA                     11/6     Goose                        South Hall

NV  SEMA                     11/5     Goose                        North Hall

NV  SEMA                     11/4     Goose                             AAPEX

NV  SEMA                     11/3     Goose       New Products Awards

NV  Las Vegas                  10/3     Goose               NASCAR Trucks

         NV  Las Vegas                  10/3     Goose               NASCAR Trucks (pits)

        CO Thunder in the Rockies                   8/5   Goose        Motorbikes (2)

        CO                                                                  8/5   Goose        Bicycles (1)

                         IA  Knoxville                   8/15  Goose                         Nationals Random Shots

IA  Knoxville                   8/15  Goose                         Nationals

IA  Knoxville                   8/14  Goose                         Nationals

IA  Knoxville                   8/13  Goose                         Nationals

IA  Knoxville                   8/12  Goose                         Nationals

IA  Knoxville                   8/8    Goose                         Nationals

IA  Knoxville                   8/1    Goose                         Nationals

NE  I-80                             7/31    Goose                         NSL 

   SD  Black Hills                   7/24    Goose                         ASCS

   SD  Black Hills                   7/24    Goose                         ASCS

 MN  Jackson                        5/22    Goose                         NSL

            CO  Ft Colins                        4/17    Goose                          R/C          

                 IA  34 Raceway                   4/11    Goose                          NSL - Mains

                                     IA  34 Raceway                   4/11    Goose                          NSL - Pits and qualifying

                     IA  34 Raceway                   4/11    Goose                          NSL-Video clip

            NE  I-80                                4/4     Goose                      Racing             

           NE  I-80                                4/3     Goose                      Racing           

 AZ  PIR        3/12       Goose        Fans and Vendors

      AZ  USA Raceway       3/7          Goose       WoO Sprints-Mains

         AZ  USA Raceway             3/7                Goose               WoO Sprints-Pits

NV Las Vegas Dirt                3/5        Goose               WoO Sprints-Pits

        NV Las Vegas Dirt             3/4                Goose               WoO Sprints-Mains

CO   2/13                                                    Goose                          RC Cars



2014 Photos, Stories, and Videos

Top 50 Photos of 2014



IN   PRI                                12/12  Goose                        Show

IN    PRI                               12/11   Goose                        Show

IN    PRI                               12/10   Goose           Vendor Party

NE  I-80                                 9/19   Goose                        ASCS

NE  I-80                                 9/18   Goose                         305's

MN  Deer Creek                  9/13   Goose                          WoO

IA  Clay Co.                          9/12   Goose             WoO Sprints

MN  Jackson                        8/30   Goose                         ASCS

MN  Jackson Vid                 8/31   Goose                     PitWalk

MN  Jackson                        8/30   Goose                   Pre-Race

CO  Ft. Collins                      8/17   Goose         New West Fest

NE  Junction City Vid           8/12  Goose      Int Donny  Schatz

IA  Knoxville                         8/9    Goose                        Mains

IA  Knoxville                         8/0    Goose                        Crash

IA  Knoxville                           8/7    Goose                     Nationals

IA  Knoxville  VID                8/2     Goose      Int Brian Brown

IA  Knoxville                         8/2     Goose                  360 Nats

IA  Knoxville  Vid                 8/1     Goose      Swindell Winner

IA  Knoxville                         8/1     Goose                      Action

        NMCB 74                     7/24   Goose                     De Com

        NMCB 74                     7/24   Goose                   Pre Party

WY  Gillette                          7/16   Goose                     Winners

WY  Gillette                          7/16   Goose                            Pits

KS  Dodge City                     7/5    Goose        Main         WoO

KS  Dodge City                     7/4     Goose       Heats        WoO

CO  Greeley                         6/20    Goose                    CarShow

CO  Loveland                       6/7       Goose                GoodGuys

WI  Wilmot                           5/9      Goose             ActionWoO

WI  Wilmot                           5/9      Goose                Pits WoO

Colorado Springs          4/12     Goose                  CarShow

Denver                           4/12    Goose                  CarShow

Luke AFB and fans


AZ  Arizona Speedway            3/15  Goose                     PitWalk

AZ  Arizona Speedway            3/15  Goose                        Heats

AZ  Arizona Speedway            3/15  Goose                        ASCS


AZ  Tucson Int.                        3/8    Goose                         WoO

AZ  Good Guys                        3/9     Goose                   Carshow

CO. Rockies Spring Traning

NV  Las Vegas                        3/6     Gooses                       WoO

NV  Las Vegas                        3/5     Goose                         WoO

AZ PIR                                    3/3     Goose                 NASCAR

AZ  PIR                                    3/3     Goose                 NASCAR

AZ  Canyon Park                     2/27   Goose          Copper World

AZ  PIR                                    2/27   Goose               K&N West

AZ  PIR                                    2/27   Goose                            Pits

AZ  PIR                                    2/24                         Goose Set Up

AZ  Wild Horse Park               2/22   Goose                       NHRA

Furniture Row Team           Interviews

78 Furniture Row Racing Open house

Chili Bowl                         1        Goose               Head Shots

Chili Bowl                          1/18   Goose                     Winner

Chili Bowl                          1/17   Goose                       Mains

Chili Bowl                          1/17   Goose                           Pits

Chili Bowl                          1/17   Goose                    Hooters

Chili Bowl                          1/16   Goose                       Mains

Chili Bowl                          1/15   Goose                          Vids

Chili Bowl                          1/15   Goose                       Mains

Chili Bowl                          1/15   Goose                    BMains

Chili Bowl                          1/14   Goose                       Mains

Chili Bowl                          1/14   Goose                          Vids

Hales Corner WI 1971

2013 Photos, Stories, and Videos by the Goose

Top 50 Vids and Photos 2013



              Drive AZ-CO                    11/19  Goose                       Scenes         

AZ  Caynon                             11/17  Goose          WesternWorld

AZ  Caynon                             11/16  Goose                        Mains

AZ  Canyon                             11/16   Goose                         Heat

AZ  Canyon                             11/15   Goose                         Heat

AZ  PIR                                   11/10  Goose               Nascar Full

AZ  PIR                                   11/10 Goose                    PitsStops

AZ  PIR                                   11/10 Goose                    PreRace

NV  PIR                                   11/10 Goose                   NASCAR

NV  SEMA                            11/8   Goose                             Cars

NV  SEMA                            11/7   Goose                            Show

NV  SEMA                            11/6   Goose                            Show


CO  I-76                                 10/5  Goose                   BGR Wins


CO  Colorado                          9/22 Goose                      Carshow

SD  I-90                                   9/7   Goose                         Racing

SD  Black Hills                       9/6   Goose                         Racing

CO  I-76 Speedway                 9/1   Goose                          URSS

CO  I-76 Speedway                 9/1   Goose                   Vid URSS



CO  Bike Show                       8/31  Goose   Thunder in Rockies

CO  CNS                                 8/31  Goose                        Mains

CO  CNS                                 8/31  Goose           Pits&HotLaps

WY  Gillette                              8/17  Goose                        Racing

SD   Back Hills                        8/16  Goose                        Racing

IA  Knoxville                             8/10 Goose               Finals Main

IA  Knoxville                             8/9  Goose                           Main

IA   Knoxville                            8/8   Goose                          Main

IA   Knoxville                            8/8   Goose                             Pits

IA   Knoxville                            8-7   Goose                   Nationals

IA  Knoxville                             8/7  Goose                             Pits


SD  Black Hillls                        7/26 Goose                  Sprint Vids

WY  Valentine                           7/27 Goose                 WY Sprints

WY  Frontier Days                                                      7/20 Goose

NE  ASCS                                I-90 Speedway              7/6 Goose

NE  ASCS Main Vid               I-90 Speedway              7/6 Goose

NE  Hot Laps Vid                    I-90 Speedway              7/6 Goose


CO  Pikes Peak Int                 6/29 Goose                              Pits

CO  USAC                                 Pikes Peak Int            6/29 Goose

MN  ASCS                                Jackson                      6/26 Goose

MN  MRSA Show                    ST.Paul                       6/22 Goose

SD  Main                                 Husets                        6/22 Goose

MN  WoO Sprints                    Jackson                     6/14 Goose

MN WoO Sprints                    Jackson                     6/14 Goose

MN WoO Pits                         Jackson                     6/14  Goose

MN WoO PrePit                     Jackson                     6/14  Goose

MN WoO Motors                   Jaskson                     6/14  Goose



CO  Race Night Main            Phillips Co.                  5/26 Goose

CO Heats & Pits                    Phillips Co                   5/26 Goose

NE  ASCS                                Junction MS               5/24 Goose

NE  ASCS Main                      I-80                              5/23 Goose

NE  ASCS Video's                   I-80                              5/23 Goose

NE  ASCS Heats Pits              I-80                              5/23 Goose

MP  ASCS                              Grain Valley              5/22 Goose

MO ASCS Main                     US-36                         5/17 Goose

MO ASCS Pits                        US-36                         5/17 Goose

MO Johnny H                        36 Speedway                5/18 Goose

SD  Bryan Gossel Wins         Black Hills                   5/10 Goose

SD  Owen Barstad Mem        I-90                              5/10 Goose

SD  Race Night                      Huset                     5-12 Goose

SD  Heats 360 & 410             Husets                          5/12 Goose



IA  Opening Night                 Knoxville                    4/27 Goose

NE  Jack Dover Wins              I-80                  4/613 By Goose 

NE  ASCS A Main                   I-80                  4/6/13 By Goose

NE  ASCS  Heats                     I-80                       4/6 By Goose

NE  ASCS Pit Walk                 I-80                       4/6 By Goose


US  Tech Tip                            MSD             Video By Goose


CO  Denver                              3-23  Goose            Auto Show

AZ  Grand Canyon                3-13  Goose                      Sunset

USA Drive Home                  3-13 Goose                          Trip

                   NV  LasVegas                       3-7    Goose                        WoO                     

NV   LasVegas                       3-6    Goose                         WoO

AZ  Cocopah                           3-3    Goose             1/4 Midgets

AZ Cocopah                            3-3    Goose                       ASCS

AZ  PRI                                   3-3    Goose    Media Interviews

AZ  PRI                                   3-3    Goose                           Pits

AZ  Edwards Media Center      3-3    Goose                      Video

AZ  Cocopah                           3-2    Goose                       ASCS

AZ  PRI                                   3-1    Goose                           Pits


AZ  Tucson                              2-23  Goose                        Main

AZ  Tucson                              2-23  Goose                     Prelims

AZ  Tucson                              2-23  Goose                   HotLaps

AZ  Tucson                              2-22  Goose                       ASCS

AZ  Tucson                              2-22  Goose                     Prelims

CO  35th Annual                       2-2   Goose Motorcycle Show


CO  Racers Show                     1-26  Goose                    Show

CO  Furniture Row                   1-24  Goose          Media Day

CO  Kurt Busch                        1-24  Goose  Video Interview

OK  Chili Bowl                          1       Goose         Video Clips

OK  Chili Bowl                          1-12  Goose                   Main

OK  Chili Bowl                          1-12  Goose            Pre Main

OK  Chili Bowl                          1-12   Goose                     Pits

OK  Chili Bowl                          1-12  Goose  Ramp & Action

OK  Chili Bowl                          1-11  Goose                   Main

OK  Chili Bowl                          1-10  Goose                   Main

OK  Chili Bowl                          1-9    Goose         Wednesday

OK  Chili Bowl                          1-8    Goose              Tuesday

OK  Chili Bowl                          1-8    Goose Qualifiers Video


2012 Photos, Stories, and Videos by the Goose

USA Top Photos             2012   Goose                     Racing

KS  URSS Awards          11-17  Goose                         Video

KS  URSS                        11-17  Goose                    Banquet

USA Top Photos             2012   Goose                     Racing

CO  VBall                       11-9    Goose                      Sports

CO  VBall                       11-9    Goose                      Sports

CO  VBall                       11-9    Goose                      Sports

CO  VBall                       11-3    Goose                           Vid

CO  VBall                       10-24  Goose                      Sports

CO  VBall                       10-23  Goose                   Winning

CO  VBall                       10-17  Goose             Winning Vid

CO  VBall                       10-12  Goose                       Sports

CO  VBall                       10-11 Goose                             Vid

CO  VBall                       10-9   Goose                     Amanda

CO  Street Scene           10-3   Goose                16th Street

MN Deer Creek            9-15   Goose             Pits & Heats

MN Deer Creek            9-15  Goose                           WoO

IA    Clay Co.                 9-14   Goose                          WoO

IA  Clay Co.                    9-14  Goose                    WoO Vid

NE   Interview Vid          9-8    Goose               Brian Brown

NE  Junction                   9-8    Goose                          ASCS

CO  Thunder N Rockies 9-2    Goose                 Bike Show

CO  Obama                      9-1    Goose                 Ralley Vid

     NE  Junction                    8-14  Goose                          WoO        

IA  Knoxville                   8-11 Goose                        Winner

IA  Knoxville                   8-10  Goose                     Winners

IA  Knoxville                   8-10  Goose                        Action

IA  Knoxville                   8-10  Goose                            Pits

IA  Knoxville                   8-9    Goose                        Action

IA  Knoxville                   8-9    Goose                             Pits

IA  Knoxville                   8-8    Goose                        Action

IA  Southern IA               8-6    Goose                   Vid Main

IA  Kyle Larson              8-6     Goose       Video Interview

IA  Southern IA               8-6    Goose             Tailgate Vid

IA  Knoxville                   8-5   Goose                         Action

IA   Knoxville                   8-4    Goose            Pits  360 Nats

CO  CNS                          7-21  Goose                         Main

CO  CNS                          7-21  Goose               Pits&Heats

IA  Ckay Co.                   7-14   Goose                    WoO SP

Wild Fires       This Is BADDDDDD

SD   On Car Camera Shooting Hands in Hot Laps Vid Goose

Bull Riding by the Goose 7-12-2012

IA  Rock Rapid               7-6    Goose                         ASCS

SD  Husets                         7-3    Goose              WoO  Main

SD  Husets                        7-3    Goose       WoO Pits & Vid

KS  Belleville                     6-29  Goose                          VID

NE  Junction                       6-22  Goose                       ASCS

NE  Junction                      6-24  Goose  Grossenbacher Vid

Hawaii 1

Hawaii 2

Hawaii 3

Hawaii 4


CO  I-76 Speedway                6-1    Goose                   URSS

CO  I-76 Speedway                6-1    Goose                   URSS

CO  AMS                            5-15  Goose                Car Show

Brian Gossel Racing ASCS Reality Show        4-14  #3

Brian Gossel Racing ASCS Reality Show        4-14  #2

BGR  ASCS Sprint Car Reality Show      4-8         I-80


NE  Robbie Wolfgang        4-8   Goose                  Interview

NE  I-80                              4-8   Goose Vid      Brian Brown

NE  I-80                              4-7   Goose                        ASCS

NV  LasVegas                    3-8   Goose                           Pits

CO  Learys                         3-14  Goose              Shop Visit

NV  LasVegas                    3-8   Goose  Wing&Non Action

NV  LasVegas                    3-8   Goose                     Videos

NV  Las Vegas                   3-8   Goose                   Winners

NV  Las Vegas                    3-7    Goose      CLMA Videos

NV  Las Vegas                    3-7    Goose                   CLMA

AZ  PIR                               3-4   Goose         NASCAR Cup

AZ  Caynon                         3-3   Goose              ASCS  Vids

AZ  Canyon                         3-3   Goose                       ASCS

AZ  PIR                               3-3   Goose              Nationwide

AZ  PIR                               3-3   Goose               Cup Action

AZ  Caynon                         3-2   Goose              ASCS  Vids

AZ  PIR                               3-2   Goose               Friday Pits

CO  USAF                               1-18  Goose          Basketball

CO  Regan Smith                    2-7    Goose    Furniture Row

IA   Al Parker Engines           1        Goose    Vid Shop Visit

CO  Co. Trade Show               1-28  Goose                   Show

OK  Chili Bowl                        1-14  Goose                Videos

OK  Chili Bowl                        1-14  Goose           Flag Walk

OK  Chili Bowl                        1-14  Goose                       Bs

OK  Chili Bowl                        1-14  Goose                  Heats

OK  Chili Bowl                        1-13  Goose                      Pits

OK  Chili Bowl                        I-12   Goose                     Pits

OK  Chili Bowl                        1-12  Goose                  Heats

OK  Chili Bowl                        1-11  Goose                  Heats

OK  Chili Bowl                        1-10  Goose               Vendors

OK  Chili Bowl                        1-14  Goose                    Main

OK  Chili Bowl                        1-13  Goose                    Main

OK  Chili Bowl                        1-12  Goose                    Main

OK  Chili Bowl                        1-11  Goose                   Heats

OK  Chili Bowl                        1-11  Goose                    Main

OK  Chili Bowl                        1-10  Goose                    Main

OK  Chili Bowl                        1-10  Goose                   Heats


2011 Photos, Stories, and Videos by the Goose

IN                  Quick Thoughts after Shows          PRI+IMIS

FL                     Memories of PRI 2011                          PRI

FL  PRI                                12-3  Goose                        Show

FL  PRI                                12-2  Goose                        Show

FL  PRI                                VID Clips                            Show

FL  PRI                                12-1  Goose                         Show

AZ  USA Raceway                11-19 Goose                  Winner

AZ  USA Raceway                11-19 Goose       Pits&Winners

AZ                    The Phoenix Experience                     Nascar

AZ  USA Raceway                11-18 Goose                     ASCS

AZ  USA Raceway                11       GooseThurs:Fri Winners

AZ  USA Raceway                11-17  Goose         Pits&Winner

AZ  USA Raceway                11-17  Gooses       Thurs Action 

AZ  PIR                                 11-13 Goose        Start Pit Road

AZ  PIR                                  11-13 Goose               Pre Race

AZ  PRI                                10-13 Goose                NASCAR

AZ  PIR                                 11-13 Goose     Fans & Vendors

AZ  PIR                                 11-12  Goose            Nationwide

AZ  PIR                                 11-12  Goose          K&N Series

Co  Auction                          10-15 Goose              CarShow

IA  Shop Visit                       10-8  Goose          Parker Perf.

IA  Knoxville                        10-1  Goose               Nationals

IA  Knoxville                        10-1  Goose            Side Shows

IA  Knoxville                        10-1  Goose                Pits & C

IA  Knoxville                        9-30  Goose               Lucas Oil

IA  Knoxville                        9-29  Goose                      Main

IA  Knoxville                        9-29  Goose                LucasOil

IA  Knoxville                        9-29  Goose             Track Visit

MN  Jackson                      9-24  Goose                        Main

MN   Jackson                      9-24  Goose                       Heats

MN  Jackson                      9-24  Goose                           Pits

NE  I-80                              9-16  Goose           ASCS NCRA

NE  Junction                       9-10  Goose              Main ASCS

NE  Junction                       9-10  Goose             Heats ASCS

NE  Junction                       9-10   Goose                          Pits

My Photos

MN  Jackson                       8-20  Goose                ASCS Nat

MN  Jackson                       8-19  Goose                ASCS Nat

IA  Knoxville                      8-13   Goose    --            Nationals

IA  Knoxville                        8-13                                  Videos

MO  Grain Valley               8-14   Goose                      USAC

IA  Knoxville                        8-13  Goose                 Nationals

IA  Knoxville                 8-12  Goose              410  Nationals

SD  Hantford                 8-6    Goose                           Racing

SD  Husets                   8-7    Goose                            Racing


KS  Rods and Gals      7-30  Goose                       Car Show

IA  Knoxville                 7/23  Goose        Tony Stewart VID

IA  Knoxville                 7-23  Goose                          Racing

MO  I-36                              7-15   Goose                      ASCS

SD  Husets                   7-10 Goose                            Racing

SD  I-90 Hanford         7-9    Goose                            Racing

MN  Jackson               7-8    Goose                            Racing

SD  Husets                   7-3  Goose                              Racing



 NE  McCool Junction        6-30   Goose               Track Visit

MN  Jackson                      6-18    Goose                      Action

MO  I-36                              6-18    Goose                     ASCS

MO  I-36                             6--17   Goose             Pits & Fans

MN  Jackson                       6-18  Goose               Track Visit

SD  Husets                   6-12  Goose                            Racing

NE  Eagle                           6--11  Goose                        ASCS


NE  Shane Stewart             5-30   Goose                 Interview

NE  McCool Junction        5-27   Goose                         Main

NE  I-80                              5-26   Goose                      Main

NE  Eagle Raceway           5       Goose              Track Visit

NE  Sioux River                 5       Goose                         Falls


NE  I-80 Speedway            4-9    Goose                        Main

NE  I-80 Speedway            4-9    Goose                  Heat Vid

NE  I-80 Speedway            4-9    Goose         Pits & Winner

NE  I-80 Speedway             4-9    Goose                      ASCS

KS  81 Speedway                4-2    Goose                        Final

KS  81 Speedway                4-2    Goose              IN Car Vid

KS  81 Speedway                4-2   Goose               Heats&Bs

KS 81 Speedway                4-2    Goose                      NCRA


CO  Ready to Go               3-30  Goose       6g Brian Gossel

NV  Las Vegas                   2      Goose                     Photos

CO  Regan Smith               2-2   Goose      Video Interview

CO  # 78 Car Interview      2-2    Goose                      Video

OK  Chili Bowl                    1-15  Goose                        Main

OK  Chili Bowl                    Sat    Goose                    12 Vids

OK  Chili Bowl                    Sat    Goose    Awards Pre Race

OK  Chili Bowl                               Goose             Flip & Fire

OK  Chili Bowl                    1-14 Goose                         Main

OK  Chili Bowl                    Fri.   Goose             Heats Crash

OK  Chili Bowl                    Fri.   Goose           Pits & Prelms

OK  Chili Bowl                    1-13  Goose                        Main

OK  Chili Bowl                    1-13  Goose                       Heats

OK  Chili Bowl                    1-12  Goose                        Main

OK Chilli Bowl                    1-12   Goose        Pits & Winner

OK  Chili Bowl                    1-12             Goose  Heats & Bs

OK  Chili Bowl                    1-11  Goose                        Main

OK  Flip                               1-11                   Sean Dodenhoff

OK  Chili Bowl                     1-11   Goose        Pits & Prelm's

CO  Chili Bowl Test           1-8    Goose             Racing Test

CO Amanda's Flight          1-8    Goose                       Family

For Historic Racing Coverage by the Goose Click HERE

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