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Two beautiful 2010 Ford Mustang convertibles wheeled into Kentucky Speedway on August 13th along with an entourage of cameramen and equipment for the filming of a very special event.  A father and son were about to take some much anticipated laps on the 1.5 mile Kentucky Speedway behind the wheel of a new Ford Mustang.  The father and son are Ralph Cram and his son Joe of Houston, Texas.  Ralph’s dream was to drive his ’68 Mustang from Houston to Detroit.  Unfortunately, economic hard times caused Ralph to sell the Mustang and cancel the trip.  Ford came to the rescue after Joe sent their story to the Ford “10 Unleashed” program.  And Ford is doing it in a big way!  Ford is not only fulfilling Ralph’s dream of a four-day cross-country trip in a Mustang, but is also providing special experiences along the way such as the visit to Kentucky Speedway.


The Mustang entourage arrived at the Kentucky Speedway Media Center behind schedule and hungry.  The sixty-six year old Ralph ate quickly and was on his feet, anxious to get on the track.  The younger Joe needed his food so Ralph spent some time with representatives of the track, media and Ford representatives.  Although very personable and willing to talk, Ralph hadn’t driven from Texas to Kentucky to eat or to talk.  The pilot and sky diver was ready to try a Mustang on the race track!


Both Ralph and Joe did get some good track time.  The film crew worked hard for a couple of hours to get footage at different speeds and locations on the track.  They filmed in the car from the front passenger seat, the back seat and from various positions on the track.  Cameras were placed on the track to pick up special views of the car.  The finished film should be very effective in capturing both the car and the experience for Ralph and Joe.


At the end of the shoot Ralph, Joe and the crew reloaded and headed for Dayton, Ohio where they spent the night.  Their schedule takes them on to Detroit on the 14th for more special activities that include driving in the Woodward Dream Cruise, taking some runs at Milan Dragway, touring the Mustang plant in Flat Rock, and meeting Jack Roush and Greg Biffle at Michigan International Speedway for the NASCAR Nationwide and Sprint Cup series races on the 15th and 16th. What an experience and dream come true!  Ralph and Joe were obviously enjoying every minute of it.


View photos from the Kentucky Speedway visit at: or and click on Kentucky Speedway.


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Ron Singleton,;   10/16/09


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