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Indianapolis, IN        By Tom Botos        9-1-08

      HI racefans I had a great time at Mt.Lawn Speedway Saturday Night.I interviewed almost 15 drivers setting up free webpages on

I have learned so much since i have been doing this column only since July,not only do I see the drivers and crew perspective of racing but i see the fans and promoters perspective as well.

       The crowds have been down at Anderson Speedway to the point that I worry they may cancel the races but they have not done it yet.I know they have scheduled several fun nights and night  of thrills with demolition derbies,school bus figure 8s,and train races.These type of shows bring in a whole different crowd of people I woudnt neccessarily call them racefans but "thrillseekers "all they wanna see is crashfest and cars mangled into pieces.I know these shows bring in good crowds but I would rather see a big enduro race or a CRA street stock feature race.Track owners and promoters have to  do what they have to keep the racetracks open at expense of us diehard   racefans born on laps of competition and feature winners.To me there is nothing better than side by side door todoor racing with cars rubbing paint off each other to me thats REAL RACIN!

      Sunday Night I went to Union County Speedway for the 5,000  to win Big Dawg 100 UMP modified race,well  needless to say when I left the track at 1AM they had 50 laps left to run and they started the feature at midnight!The car count was awesome in the modified and the Late model Feature was won by Tim Prince.

I felt with it being so late they should have not had the hour long intermission and not had the out of car driver introductions.I realize most racefans do not want to be at the races past 10PM  or 11PM at the latest.I for one hope that Tom Wieck and Unon County learn from this and try to  start much sooner getting the track  in shape.To this very moment i do not understand why they got started so late!

      There is still alot of racing left coming up  sept 5th and 6th is the World 100 at Eldora Speedway.I have been to this race  it an awesome sight seeing all those fans,cars,and drivers all in one place is mindboggling!I hope everyone has a great time at the World 100.

       The Indianapolis Speedrome  is having there 3 Hour Figure 8 Endurance race this weekend sept 5th and 6th with a few drvers from  Sportsdrome (IN) Speedway  in Jeffersonville and a few   from Flat Rock (MI)  Speedway are expected to compete this weekend.

       Anderson Speedway is having Supertrucks,Figure 8s,Street Stocks,Legends and FWD Pro Cars Saturday September 6th.

       Plymouth (IN) Speedway has Season Championship NIght Saturday sept 6th along with the 3rd Leg Late Model Triple Crown Series.All Classes will have Features Only at Plymouth Speedway.

        Baer Field Speedwy is having the Hoosier 200 which is 100 laps for CRA Sportsman and 100 Laps for 1/2 mile Open wheel Modifieds.Both these races pay 2,000 dollars  to

 win each! Well this is all I have for now  please send email and  notes to Gotta Go See  You At  The Races!!!

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