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Midwest Racing Roundup   By  Tom Botos  8-26-10
Well race fans it was a great weekend of racing as I went to Winchester (IN) Speedway Sunday for the Old Timers Weekend which included the USAC National Sprint Car Series,Superpro Series Late Models and CRA FWD Compacts. Congratulations goes out to Justin Brown in the red #33 car for winning two CRA FWD features in a row at Winchester Speedway! Shane Hmiel won the extended 40 lap feature distance for the USAC National Sprint Car Series. It was an awesome race as there was alot of rough and tumble shuffling of positions behind Shane Hmiel as you could have thrown a blanket over the cars behind him as close and as tight as the sprints were running. It was probably one of the best sprint car races I have seen in quite awhile!
Congratulations goes out to Al Cook Jr. for winning his first ever Superpro Series Late Model feature at Winchester. Derrick Griffin did everything he could looking high and low but could not get around Cook to take the win. The Superpro Late Model Series will return to the famed highbanks of Winchester on Saturday October 16th as part of the Winchester 400 Weekend Season Championship races all weekend long!Winchester Speedway has become one of my home tracks the past few years and I really enjoy the driving over there. I think of all the racing history that has taken place at that track and all of the famous drivers that have tested those treacherous highbanks there over the years. I get this same exact feeling when I driver into the Salem Speedway parking lot seeing the huge signs that these storied two tracks display. Both Salem and Winchester Speedways in my eyes are sister tracks and both demand respect as you walk in the gates you know you have hit the "big time" as a fan and driver to compete on those high banks is very brave and also very entertaining for fans like us. Thanks to all the drivers week in and week out that support the tracks and keep us fans coming back for more!
I would like to see Salem Speedway hold more Sunday races scheduling afternoon events in April and May with night races in June,July and August. It is rough battling the heat and the sun beating down on you during the hot summer months. It is rough though the later that you start on Sunday means all of us getting home late on a Sunday night to head to work Monday morning. When Salem Schedules races on Saturday I feel they lose alot of your track chasers that go to home tracks on Saturdays. I feel Sunday is the supreme track chaser day where you get fans traveling from other states and tracks to catch an extra race each weekend.You can't please everyone with your race schedule every year but I think if tracks held more special event races on Sundays and midweek on Wednesday nights you attract alot of track chasers and you will not affect the Saturday night regular shows with drivers focused on running for points championships.
I took vacation days to go to the midweek shows at New Paris (IN) Speedway and M40 (MI) Speedway and I absolutely love having a reason to take off from work in the middle of the week! Just give me an excuse anytime to go "racin".
Race fans I have finally done it! I made it to my very first Michigan track Wednesday night at the M40 (MI) Speedway for the very first ever BIg Gun Shootout paying $10,000 to win. Mike Root from Berlin (MI) Raceway won the 150 lap feature which was an all out hard fought war all night long. Only nine cars finished the race which was very entertaining from start to finish. The pure stocks ran a 50 lap race which was lots of fun to watch as well. I had a great time at M40 Speedway as I met my track chaser friends Dave Egan and Chris Ballentine there. I told them they should be honored to be at my first Michigan track and my first new track attended in 2010. They tease me all the time about staying closer to home and going to the same tracks all the time.  I have done my fair share of "trackchasing" over the years but in order to do this that means giving up some races that I enjoy going to every year. There are only so many weekends each month so picking and choosing can be very tough!
M40 Speedway is very very nice and is one of the nicest facilities in the midwest! I just wish that it was right off of the main highway closer to Indiana state road 15. M40 is  a great semi banked track and I wish I could move it closer to Indianapolis for my benefit only!! The idea of watching outlaw super late models each and every week I could get used to very quickly! M40 does allow coolers and the tenderloins are the finest and the biggest at any track in the midwest. The french fries were crisp and had just enough salt to make them melt in your mouth. If you get a chance stop by M40 and take in a race on Friday night!
The CRA Champion Racing Assocation have scheduled an innovative event on Saturday Sept 18th. The Welch & Wilson Motorsports Rock n' Race 100 for the CRA Super Series Late Models. The CRA Sportsman and Open Wheel Modifieds will also be in action. There will be a  live band at 3pm on Saturday with racing at 7pm. Welch & Wilson Motorsports have Tommy St. John as there CRA Super Series driver and they also sponsored the Red Bud 300 race at Anderson Speedway this year. Advance tickets for Welch & Wilson Rock n' Race 100 are only $15.00 and will be available soon at 55 Gas America gas stations. I hope this event is very successful so that Welch & Wilson will sponsor more racing events in the near future! For more information on this event go to
Wow I hope this article is not too long I have rambled on long enough Led Zeppelin! Any news,notes or comments mail me at Gotta go I hope to see you at the races!

Midwest Racing Roundup Tom Botos

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