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Midwest Racing Roundup  By  Tom Botos   8-8-10
Hey race fans WOW! is all I can say after a fantastic racing weekend meeting a few new fans,drivers and two racing officials at two different tracks this weekend. The weather has been great all weekend long with no threat of rain which is a nice change of pace! This past weekend has reassured me that race drivers and race fans are the greatest people on earth and there is no better place to spend a weekend then at ar race track chatting with fans and interviewing drivers when given the opportunity!
Let's begin with me having two vacation days Thursday and Friday from work I headed to New Paris (IN) Speedway Thursday Night for the 9th Annual Summer Sizzler for Super Outlaw Late Models. Congratulations goes out to Phil Bozell on his very first ever Summer Sizzler win which was wild and wooly all night long with the Madhouse Rules style restarts double file! I have never watched the Madhouse TV show So I honestly do not understand how it works but it lead to some very hot and steamy racing action all night long at New Paris Speedway! With each restart of the race fans were wondering who was gonna take the lead next. I have been told this summer sizzler by far has been the best one yet as far as racing excitement for the fans. I would like to have seen Terry Senneker win the race after he boldly passed both Scott Hantz and Bobby Stremme using the outside groove of the New Paris bullring! Terry did not follow the rules and was penalized for not going passed the orange cone in the correct lane. Again I do not know really what Terry did wrong but he definitely gained me as a fan watching him pass those two hotshoe drivers on the outside.
New Paris Speedway is a crown jewel in my opinion as far as tracks go Michiana race fans are so lucky to have tracks running outlaw super lates almost every week in and week out. I would not mind living in between New Paris and Plymouth Speedway or between Fairbury American  Legion Speedway in Illinois and Farmer City (IL) Speedway. Throw in Kathe very fast in your face action at Kankakee (IL) Speedway and I would be in dirt late model or asphalt late model heaven! I have told my friend Dave Egan to live in between Portsmouth Speedway and KC Raceways in Ohiu would be awesome as you have Skyline and Midway Speedways in the area as well. Someday I wanna get to both Hilltop and Rocky Top (OH) Speedways. Wayne County and Lakeville Speedways have worked well together in the past and I like there racing as well. I will return to New Paris Speedway again as I really going there as much as I  can with there great racing action and great food. New Paris Speedway has the BEST onion rings I have ever had at a race track! They also have Pepsi or Coke from the fountain which is very rare at race tracks in the Indianapolis area. Mt Lawn Speedway has Coke and Anderson has Pepsi Cola from the fountain. I prefer fountain soda pop over cans or bottles any day! To each his own everybody has there preference on how they like there soda pop.
Friday Night I went to Baer Field (IN) Speedway in Fort Wayne,Indiana. I had a great time talking with fellow columnist Ron Verash and Carl Smith from . Both of these guys have done so much for racing providing historical racing photos from tracks all over the midwest. These guys are keeping our racing history alive and when I see there booth area busy with fans looking at photos to buy it gives me a great feeling knowing in photos our racing history will live on for generations to come.
The racing at Baer Field was good as Jason Dietsch won the International Gold Cup 100 for Superpro Series Late Models. Tommy Cook battled behind hin and finished second.Steve Minich Jr. won the Baer Field Late Model feature. Scott Coe won the Open Wheel Modified feature. Jared Neal picked up the Street Stock Feature. The car counts at Baer Field are pretty good and better than a few tracks I have attended this season. When you buy food from the concession stand they have the little red plastic trays we had in school to carry our lunches on in the school cafeteria. This is the only track I know of where they have this neat luxury. If you get a chance check out Baer Field Speedway for some great racing and great food at reasonable prices. Coolers are allowed at Baer Field!
Saturday Night I went to Lincoln Park (IN) Speedway for the tirst time in many many years and was treated to some great racing. I sat on the backstretch in the pit area grandstands. Actually the pit area grandstand is open to fans as well as there is a pass gate for drivers there to there pit area. This creates a good mixture of fans and drivers sitting in the same bleachers. I think this is really neat as this allows the fans to get closer to the drivers and there cars. Anytime the fans can interact with the drivers it creates life long race fans in my opinion. I think this interaction is very important to our sport if it is to continue.
Thursday afternoon I ate lunch at the Landmark Bar and Grill in New Paris,Indiana and the food is awesome there. The Landmark Bar and Grill has a very full menu of great tasing food for race fans to enjoy on there way to New Paris Speedway. If you get a chance stop by there and eat you will not be dissapointed!
Friday Morning I went to the Northeastern Indiana Racing Museum located in the Dean Kruse Foundation building. This huge building also houses the National MilitaryHistory Center,The WWII Victory Museum, and the Kruse Automotive Horsepower &Carriage Museum all for $10.00 general admission! I promise you this museum is worth every penny. I was amazed at the collection of WWII vehicles they have collected is simply amazing to me. Oh one more thing Lincoln Park Speedway has a very good tenderloin sandwich and chicken tenders. Check out LPS Lincoln Park Speedway as they have very nice facilities and great racing and awesome car counts.
The weblink to The Kruse Foundation Museums is Race fans stop by the Kruse museum and see photos of Avilla Speedway,South Anthony Speedway and the Fort Wayne Speedway all closed race tracks. If you like racing history you must check out the Kruse Foundation Museums. I am getting sleepy here so I must stop now. For any news,notes or comments email me at Gotta go see ya at the races


Midwest Racing Roundup Tom Botos

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