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Indianapolis,IN   By Tom Botos   9-26-09
I just had to write a short column today a friend of mine named Bob "led Head" Hughes has started a racing website for weekly local short track racers and fans. This website has a chatroom that is very busy with about ten hardcore racing chatters. I really think the fans and drivers will enjoy this chatroom and messageboard this winter when there is no racing going on and not much to do as far as racing entertainment goes. These hardcore fans in this chatroom go to tracks like New Paris (IN) Speedway and Plymouth (IN) Speedway in northern Indiana as well as Mottville (MI) Speedway. If you would like to chat with us just go to the link that Bob talks about in this short  email he sent me. Below is the email he sent me this week.
i'd like to start by introducing myself my name is robert(bob) hughes i am the current operator and founder of LEDHEADRACINGFORUM.NET A RELITIVELY NEW RACING SITE BASED OUT OF NORTHERN INDIANA,the main topic up for discussion is the northern late model known to most as the northern outlaw,sportsman,street stock,pure stock,mini stock.these car's their builders,driver's and fan's a like take this passion to heart,these are people who are cut from a different cloth,their machines are as different as the personalities that build and drive them are,yet come monday they are in their garages repairing on one another's for myself i grew up in warsaw indiana on a 3/8 mile clay track now defunct,my father and family was best friends with indiana's premier track owner/promoter joe hamshir,joe helped keep a lot of race track's in our region from becoming weed field's,along with that he built the original quick change rear end in his machine shop in milford indiana,this was taking place in the mid late fifties.drag racing,scca,circle track is where my hearts passion is grounded.i currently have a 1974 nova in the middle of construction for campaigning in the street stock war's if the good lord see's fit.myself along with other's have seen a reasonable reason for a new website devoted to it's driver's owner's and fan's as well,my first thought was let's put them first,then the owners of the track's and it's operator's next,along with this my first thought was to make this racing site as user friendly as possible,so we have installed a chatroom along with a last fm music player which has gone over extremely well,our claim to fame is that no member shall be banned for expressing his or her opinion so long as it is within decent guidelines with no threats of personal bodily damage or threatening date we stand at 11,665 hits in one month under our belts and 46 members all in 4 week's,any readers wishing to access the site can do so by going to  we at are alway's open to suggestion's and new idea's.also anyone wishing to access the chatroom you go to the bottom right corner and click on set name,it will walk you through the entire set up,and if for any reason it should deny your'e user name just add an extra letter or number and it will accept it,the chatroom is controlled outside of our site it is a world wide site within itself,in closing tom botos has been a blessing as well as a good friend i was introduced to tom on stock car extreme another racing site based out of south bend indiana,he has alway's been fair and truthful,we really missed you at the blow out tom!!! maybe next year.come visit us online,hope to see you soon.ledhead,bob hughes.
Gas City (IN) Speedway and Bloomington (IN) Speedway rained out Friday Night Sept 25th. Kamp (IN) Speedway canceled there final 2009 races for Saturday Sept 26th. As far as I know the races are on scheduled tonight at Brownstown (IN),Shadyhill (IN) and Sportsdrome (IN) Speedway in Jeffersonville,Indiana and last but not least Anderson (IN) Speedway has season championships tonight! Any News,Notes or comments email me at Gotta go see ya at the races

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