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The NEXT Generation Of Racefans!!!
Plymouth,IN   By Tom Botos   7-12-09


On Sunday Afternoon July 12th,2009 I was sitting two rows behind the flagstand at Plymouth (IN) Speedway. I always sit as close as I can to the track so I can get the best pictures possible. While I was there this very young family sat to next to me. A woman named Diana Garza and her Husband and there three young sons. The boys names were Bryan Garza age 6,Chris Garza age 8,and David Garza age 10.
The Garza Family lives in Rio Grande City,Texas and Brian,Chris,and David all go to Ricardo Sanches  Elementary School in Rio Grande City,Texas. Dianas' husband is here in Indiana working for the summer. I forgot to get the husbands' name but it seemed like they were on a family vacation.The family was also videotaping the races for racing memories. The Garza Brothers had NASCAR driver Jerseys on so I just had to get a picture of them! The Garza Brothers have been to races at Chicagoland (IL) Speedway as well.
The Garza Boys were up and down all night looking at Ron Verash's Photo Booth behind the Plymouth Speedway tower. Ron has an awesome display of racing memorabilia to wet any racefans appetite! When I asked the Garza couple about taking the boys' pictures they said "sure"  "wait let us go get our other brother".
I have included a few pictures of these young racefans to show us that the next generation of racefans are alive and well and that racing will always be a great part of our way of life!


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