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Indianapolis,IN     By Tom Botos     5-3-09
  Hello Racefans,Saturday Night was a great night of racing as I went to Mt. Lawn (IN) Speedway in New Castle,Indiana. Car counts were a bit down tonight but fans were reassured more Late Models and Hornets are still being built for the 2009 racing season.


   Rod Phipps won the Thundercar Feature Saturday Night in his blue #72 nicely painted Thundercar. Rod Phipps stated in his post race intrerview that he had not been to Mt. Lawn Speedway in three years and that in 2010 he will run for points at Mt.Lawn Speedway. Rod also said he had been fighting gear shifter problems tonight! That there shows you how talented some of our drivers are!


   Joyce Dyer won her first ever Hornet Oval Feature as she jumped up and down with jubilation and excitement. Veteran Hornet Drivers Keith Morris,Chris Jennings,Nick Warner,and Kevin Claborn were noticably absent from Saturdays'
 racing. I do know that Eddie and Kevin Claborn raced there Thundercars at Anderson and I am not sure if the motors are damaged or maybe there not switched over to Mt. Lawn Speedway Thundercar Rules? I wish both Anderson and Mt. Lawn would have the same rules so that these drivers in the same division could run both tracks!


    Scott Knepley won the 30 lap Late Model Feature in his brand new yellow #30 Team Knepley Late Model. Scott Knepley took a victory lap in honor of the #99 Late Model driver Kevin Sellers who lost his life last season in a boating accident. Scott Knepley bought Kevin Sellers #99 Late model and it is now driven by legendary driver #76 L.J. Lines. I interviewed L.J. Lines last season a man that has driven every type or configuration of racecar at Mt. Lawn and Anderson Speedways over the years! L.J. Lines did not finish the Feature I am not sure if his car was having mechanical issues? I wish LJ. Lines the very best in this 2009 racing season.


     One thing that has been on my mind is whatever happened to the Open Wheel Modifieds at our asphalt tracks? I was shocked to see that the O'Reilly Open Wheel Modified Series no longer has a July racedate at Anderson Speedway! I remeber back in 1988 or so when the IMCA Modifieds burst onto the scene in this area that there were tons and tons of Modifieds running both Anderson and Mt. Lawn every week.Then you would have Harold and Rodney Scott taking there cars and traveling to Kilkare and Shadybowl (OH) Speedways along with the #09 of Don Skaggs who also raced weekly at Mt. Lawn Speedway.Maybe since losing the IMCA sanction the modifieds have become just as expensive to run as an Outlaw Late Model? I really enjoy Todd Ridgeway's articles on this subject as it seems the Open Wheel Modifieds are now dissapearing almost as fast as Outlaw Late Models have at tracks like Columbus Motor Speedway and Baer Field Speedway. Don't get me wrong I love watching Outlaw Late Models when given the chance to see them! I wish the Main Event Racing Series would come and run Mt. Lawn and Anderson as I have yet to see an MERS event here in my own backyard..


     I did see Outlaw Late Models several years back at Baer Field (IN) Speedway and have seen the likes of Junior Hanley and Jeff and Greg Parr in Asphalt Super Late models. Anytime I get to see Flyin Brian Ross in a CRA Late Model or in any type of car gets my blood pumping! Brian has 8 CRA Late Model wins at Anderson Speedway which is still a record he holds today!


     It is also a treat to see Bobby Blount,Lou Stremme,Bobby Stremme,Cindy Stremme at tracks like New Paris (IN) Speedway and Plymouth (IN) Speedway. I wish someone would write a book about Joe Hamsher a promoter that was involved with many Michiana Speedways like New Paris (IN) Speedway,Plymouth (IN) Speedway,South Bend (IN) Speedway,and Mottville (MI) Speedway.


     I would also like to see the Michiana based SUPERPRO Series venture further south to Mt. Lawn and Anderson Speedways. I guess I am just spoiled and want all the Late Model Series to myself here in "hoosierland"!
     I am going to shift gears here and I hope to see #1 Ryan Amonett and #20 Tony Stewart each win a Thundercar Feature this year after a hard fought battle Saturday Night at Mt. Lawn (IN) Speedway. Both of these drivers were relegated to the tail after being tangled up with lapped cars in the Thundercar feature. I have watched these drivers have bad luck and be in the wrong place at the wrong time on the track and get taken out to no real fault of there own. I do remember seeing Ryan Amonett win a Heat race last season.Good luck this year Ryan and Tony!


     The IOFS International Outlaw Figure 8 Series event at Kentucky Speedway in Whitesville,KY has been posponed until Sunday May 10th. Rain has flooded the area and with strong storms forecasted on top of that. IOFS Series Officials thought it would be best to delay the opening of there 2009 racing season until May 10th. For more information on the IOFS International Outlaw Figure 8 Series go to I am very excited about the IOFS venturing south as well to tracks like Kentucky Speedway and Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green,KY. The IOFS Series also will venture up to the Michiana racing area to Plymouth (IN) Speedway where Steve Stacy an outlaw and CRA Late Model driver will attempt to run a Late model on the new figure 8 course at Plymouth (IN) Speedway. Plymouth Speedway which is promoted by Tom Smith a Late Model Racer himself who won a Late Model Feature recently at Illiana (IN) Speedway in Schererville,IN.Bobby Blount is also co- promoter at Plymouth (IN) Speedway. I am really hoping this series will takeoff and drivers in these areas will build Outlaw Late Model Figure 8 cars and give us racefans another option and type of racing to follow. IOFS Outlaw Figure 8 cars are wicked fast and some fans have never seen these cars and they are legitimate racecars call them daredevils if you must but once you see how fast these cars are on a figure 8 you will be hooked! Any news,notes,or comments please email me at Gotta go see you at the races!!

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