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Midwest Racing Roundup         by Tom Botos    4-1-09 
Hello racefans looks like my column is gonna be written more than once a week if if I keep this up! I want to talk about racing memorabilia. I put my collection of Racing books and 2 diecast cars on the table and took photos of them which I have included those pics with this story. I dont plan on buying anymore racing books unless they deal with racing here in my local area. I was wondering if we could start a racing memorabilia mailbag here with my column? I am real curious how dedicated of a racefan are you? What racing books and die casts do you own and how many racing photos do you own? Do you have racecar photos in frames hanging on your walls like I do? How many races do you attend each season?Do you attend pavement tracks and dirt tracks?
      So,yes we will do a racefan questionaire I want to know how much racing memorabilia you have and how dedicated of a racefan are you? I am a "die hard" racefan, if it is cold I bundle up.If is rainy i have a water resistant jacket I keep in the car. I see many degrees of racefans some are die hards that show up every week regardless of the weather. Some fans are "occasional" racefans that only go when it is "sunny and warm" outside. My father Tom botos Sr. only goes to race when it is "sunny and warm" the same holds true for my brother, Mike Botos.
       Once upon a time when I was a "younger" racefan I used to go to only "big" late model races and it was very costly traveling all over the midwest and my wallet sure felt the strain! I love going to "big Specials" but I realized as I got older that the "weekly regular shows" can sometimes be just as entertaining and exciting as the "big shows". I guess it is about maturing as a person I matured as a racefan and now that I am a racewriter and columnist I see all points of view. I see the promoters point of view as well as the racefans,crewman,and driver just by sitting and listening to the drivers meetings at tracks all over indiana. Wow I really went off topic here!
     So,if you do not mind please email me your "racing questionnaire" I really wanna hear from my readers as racefans are just as important to our sport as the drivers and crewmen. Let me know how you got started going to races? How did you become a racefan? Anyway I have rambled on long enough here! Please submit your racing questionnaire or "racing resume" to and any news,notes and pics of memorabilia you may posess. Gotta Go See You At The Races!!

Midwest Racing Roundup Tom Botos

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