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Hello Midwestern racefans!! Our racing season is finally here and what better way to start the season than witnessing a stellar field of over 180 racecars jamming the pit area at Brownstown (IN) Speedway! I have seen big crowds at Brownstown over the years buti have never seen highway 250 back up to a standstill! James Essex commented that traffic may have backed up all the way back to Highway 50 into the town square! This race called the Indiana Icebreaker in my opinion has outgrown the facilities at Brownstown.Extremely long lines were the norm all evening at the concession stand and both restrooms which also happened last year at the Jackson 100 in September at Brownstown. Dont't get me wrong I love Brownstown but like the hillybilly 100 at Tyler County Speedway neither facility can handle the enormous crowd that they get.


     The garbage cans by the main concession were literally overflowing which is evidence of an overwhelming crowd.The main conesscion ran out of all sandwiches and popcorn!If no improvements are made in taking a bag and cooler in next time with snacks so I can avoid the concession line.


      I had a wonderful time and the racing was awesome most of the evening so yes I will go back being better prepared for the onslaught of fans to spend the evening with. Seat Marking began on Thursday for this event which clearly indicates this is almost a world 100 calibur event in my opinion.



      I met the "T3G crew" which was formed at Eldora Speedway in Ohio.This dedicated group of racefans sat to the right of me a motley group that introduced themselves to me before the hot lap session. Josh Salay  and i believe "lynx" from the DRC and the website sat near me and we chatted racing all evening which I thorougly enjoyed. "lynx" and Josh Salay invited me to sit with them for the Dream 100 and World 100 Races at Eldora (OH) Speedway whenever I get a chance. Curtis Diesenroth is also a member of this "racing fraternity" as I spoke with him briefly about Attica (OH) Speedway as he is getting his Super Late Model ready for action again at Attica. I wish I would have taken pictures of Curtis but my brain failed me and i did not think of it until it was too late ugh! Josh Salay put a happy birthday hot pink tiara on his head to celebrate Mandy spicer's birthday. Mandy resides in Richmond and goes to Richmond (KY) Speedway once in awhile.By the way Josh Salay formed the "T3G Fan Club" at Eldora Speedway and he says they have held fund raisers for charity to help people in need. I think its awesome seeing devoted racefans helping out one another and do all we can to support local short track racing!


        The 11th annual Old Timers Reunion at the Bartholomew County (IN) Fairgrounds was a huge success and yours truly was in attendance taking pictures and chatting with a few racers and one racing artist. I met Ron Titus I call him an "auto racing artist". Ron has drawn several art pictures of drivers like Joie Ray and Tiny Lund. If you would be interested in a Vintage Motorsport Art Print contact Ron Titus at or call (937) 296-0892. I bought an art print from Ron of a fairgrounds racetrack with a covered granstand in the background as I am fascinated by covered grandstands at tracks like others are envious of covered bridges!


         I met Fred John's who is Restoring the "Tuffanelly Offy Midget" driven by Frank Burany,Danny Clabis,and Emel Andres and maybe a few other drivers? The Tuffanelly Offy Midget was driven in Marion (OH) on one occasion by Danny Clabis,and was raced at tracks like Indianapolis Speedrome and South Bend Motor Speedway.. If you have stories,info or photos of this midget car contact Fred John's at Well I am tired from a full weekend of racing and "bench racing " but its well worth it anytime I can promote weekly local short track racin' and anyone or anything related to racing in general! If you have any news,notes or comments send them to Gotta go see you at the Races!!!



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