Kenny Wallace and Kenny Schrader Press Conference


Location:  Outlaw Motor Speedway – Muskogee, OK
07/14/08 – 545 PM

Story and Photography By:  Debbie Kuhn (


The one thing I would like to begin with is the compliment that these two gentlemen made as the press conference was about to being.  They actually thanked the media for coming out and showing support for the facility and local racing.  They mentioned that most facilities do not have any media folks come out. 


They were both quite impressed with the Outlaw Motor Speedway facility.  They are partners in three different dirt tracks and this one was really impressive to them.


Promoting is such an intregal part of dirt racing and dirt tracks today.   “You want to have hundreds of happy fans and to see them supporting dirt racing.” Wallace said.   They both are grateful to be helping out dirt racing in their own way.  They both just wanted to give a little and were very happy to here tonight.


When asked about racing the local guys that run this track and are gunning for them.  They both said it was neat and they have raced against some of them before and they are here tonight as well.  They were asked about the important class tonight and they said, “important class to any racer is what class they are running in.”


Schrader was stating when asked about their level of intensity when on a local track against the drivers, “Fun, we drop in their backyards and we are actually behind the 8-Ball.  We brought our own cars and haulers to the track and they brought theirs.  We plan on running good.”


When asked about if they have any local favorite drivers that are not on Cup level some of the names that came to mind were Terry Phillips whose dad, Larry, was a great driver and he still has a shop which Schrader stopped by to visit today.  Also they brought up Jason Hughes. 


Schrader mentioned that more professionals in the Cup level are buying teams and getting into dirt cars.  Wallace mentioned about the NBA players able to go participate as Team USA for the Olympics and represent, we as Cup drivers can represent the dirt racing.


Kenny Wallace got Kevin Harvick hooked on dirt racing now.  He mentioned Delana Harvick as telling him, “When Kevin retires he wants go dirt racing now.”


Both Schrader and Wallace had a huge family influence that got them into racing from the time they were born.  They were raised at the tracks.  Schrader was raised with the ability to just open the garage and drive onto the track.  Wallace was a tag along with his brother, Rusty.  He got to meet all of the people from North Carolina and started calling people when they started race teams.  Rusty fielded his first car in the Busch Series.


Best memory for Wallace was “packing the family Suburban and going to the track, while Mom got into fights in the stands with the fans because people hated us.”


Schrader gave some advice that no one ever seems to want to take and here it is, “Sell all the junk and go buy golf clubs.”



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