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LarrE  Ervin




              Short Story


    NC     I-77 Chester                           11-15 LarrE                       Rebuilding

    NC     Concord                                  11-8    LarrE             North South 100

    NC    Auto Barn                               11-8    LarrE                        Car Show

    NC    Rockingham                           11-1    LarrE                            Hooters

    NC    Rockingham                           11-1    LarrE               Hooters Drivers

    NC    Rockingham                           11-1    LarrE                                 Party


    NC   The Dirt Track                      10-30 LarrE                        Late Models

    NC    The Dirt Track                      10-30 LarrE                           Sprint Cars

    NC   The Dirt Track                      10-29 LarrE            Vienna Sausage 100

    SC   Lancaster                               10-4    LarrE                                  Racing


    MS   Columbus                               9-28  LarrE                       $20,000 to Win

    SC    Lowes                                     9-23  LarrE                            Nascar Test

    SC    Lancaster                              9-20   LarrE                                     Clash

    NC   Carolina                                 9-19  LarrE                                        Clash

             PRI .....getting closer     2006 Show       2007 Show

    SC    Lancaster                              9-13   LarrE                                    Racing

    SC    I-77 Chester                           9-6    LarrE                                    Shrine



    GA    Screven                                   8-12  LarrE                             WoO LM

    GA    Screven                                    8-12   LarrE                                Racing

    NC    Carolina                                  8-12  LarrE                          Shrine Race


    SC    Lancaster                              7-26   LarrE                                   Racing

    NC   Carolina                                 7-25  LarrE                                    Racing

    NC   Concord                                  7-23   LarrE                                Midgets

    NC   Carolina                                 7-18  LarrE                                    Racing

    NC   Lowes                                     7-15  LarrE                                 Shootout

    NC   Condord                                 7-12  LarrE                                  MMRA

    NC   Concord                                 7-12   LarrE                  ASA Late Models

    NC   Carolina                                 7-11   LarrE                                   Racing

    SC   Lancaster                                7-5    LarrE                                   Racing


    SC    I-77 Chester                            6-28   LarrE                                  Racing

    NC   Carolina                                  6-27   LarrE                          USCS Sprints

    NC    Lowes Shootout                     6-24   LarrE                                     Racing

    SC   Myrtle Beach                         6-21   LarrE                                Hooters

    SC  Myrtle Beach                         6-21   LarrE                   Hooters Drivers 

    SC   Florence                                  6-21   LarrE                                  Racing

    SC   Travelers Rest                       6-14  LarrE                                  Racing

    SC   Mileback                                6-13  LarrE                                  Racing

    SC   Lancaster                                6-7   LarrE                                     Clash

    NC   Carolina                                  6-6   LarrE                                     Clash

    NC   Lowes Lunch with Marcus Smith

    NC   Lowes                                      6-4      LarrE                    Marcus Smith


   SC    Lancaster                                5-31    LarrE                                  Racing

   NC   Carolina                                  5--30  LarrE                                 Racing

   NC   Carolina                                             LarrE                           Brad Doty

   SC   I-77 Chester                            5-24    LarrE                                 Racing

   NC   The Dirt Track                       5--23  LarrE                         WoO Sprints

   NC   The Dirt Track                      5--23  LarrE                                  Fastrak

   SC   Lancaster                                5-17    LarrE                                  Racing

   NC   Carolina                                  5-16    LarrE                                 Racing

   NC   Lowes Motor Speedway       5-13   LarrE              Nationwide Practice

    IN   Indianapolis Motor Speedway  5-9 LarrE                               Pole Day


    NC    Rockingham                        5-4   LarrE                           ARCA Drivers

    NC    Rockingham                       5-4    LarrE                              ARCA Race

    SC    Dillon                                            5-3    LarrE                 USAC Midgets

    NC    Rockingham                       5-3    LarrE                                        ARCA

    NC   Rockingham                       5-2    LarrE                                        ARCA

    NC   Carolina                             4-25    LarrE                                       Racing

    SC    The Dirt Track                  4-20   LarrE                              Colossal 100

     SC   The Dirt Track                  4-20   LarrE                        Colossal Drivers

    SC    I-77 Chester                                   4-12    LarrE                         Opening

    NC   Carolina                             4-11    LarrE                                       Racing


    NC     Carolina                             3-27     LarrE                                  Racing

    NC    The Rock                           3-19    LarrE                                     ARCA

    NC   Dale Jarretts Last Ride    3-19   LarrE                                      Lowes

    NC   Lowes  Dragstrip               3-18    LarrE                             Construction

    NC   Walter Mitty                      3-18     LarrE                                      Photos

    NC    Hickory                              3-16     LarrE                             Open House


    SC    Jeff Burton Tears Up the Track at Darlington            LarrE

    SC    On the Road to Darlington     2-20    LarrE                     Trip     

    FL   Blaires Jungle Den

    FL   New Smyrna                                 LarrE                  Pro Challenge

    FL   New Smyrna                                 LarrE                  Victory Lane

    FL   New Smyrna                                 LarrE            Winter Nationals

    FL   Modifieds       Volusia       2-10    LarrE            Winter Nationals

    FL   Promoters       Lake Mary          LarrE                      RPM Show

    FL   Sprints            Volusia       2-6      LarrE             Winter Nationals

    FL   Modifieds       Volusia       2-5      LarrE             Winter Nationals

    FL   For the fans of Steve Arpin.

    FL   Sprints            Volusia       2-5      LarrE             Winter Nationals

    FL   Modifieds       Volusia       2-5      LarrE             Winter Nationals

    FL   Late Models East Bay     2-4      LarrE              Winter Nationals

    FL   Sprint Cars   East Bay      2-2    LarrE              Winter Nationals 

    FL   Sprint Cars   East Bay      2-1    LarrE              Winter Nationals 


    FL   Sprint Cars   East Bay      1-31    LarrE              Winter Nationals        

    GA   Golden Isles              1         LarrE                         Super Bowl

    TN   Fastrak                              1-26   LarrE                  Awards  Banquet

    TN    Hello from a frigid Nashville Tennessee. We’re at the FASTRAK awards 

    NC   Sam Ard Benfit                  1-18  LarrE     Memory Lane Museum

    NC   Clash Banquet                   1-12-  LarrE                           Racing

    NC    Clash on GoKarts             1-12-  LarrE                           Racing





    NC   Cricket Arena                    12-15  LarrE                            Racing

    FL   PRI                                      12       LarrE                    Trade Show

    FL   Speedworld  USAC             12-8    LarrE    Sprint Midget Classic

    NC   Cricket Arena                    11-1    LarrE                            Racing

    SC    Want to rent a train?                                     JP Henderson Train

    SC    Kershaw                             12-1    LarrE                    Allison Cars

    NC    Cricket Arena                    12-1   LarrE                            Racing


     NC   Cricket Arena                    11-10  LarrE                            Racing

     NC   Carolina                             11-7                                        Banquet  

     NC   The Dirt Track                  11-3  LarrE                                 WoO

     NC   The Dirt Track                  11-3   LarrE           WoO Victory Lane

     NC   LarrE                                  11-2   LarrE     North South &    WoO

     NC   Concord                                11-3   LarrE                      North South

     NC    Concord                               11-1   LarrE                      North South

     NC   LarrE                                   11-1   LarrE                   WoO Practice


      NC   Cricket Arena                    10-27 LarrE                                Racing

      SC   Lancaster                            10-13  LarrE                            Racing

      NC   World of Outlaws                                             Late Model Drivers

      NC   The Dirt Track                   10-10 LarrE                           WoO LM


      SC    Lancaster                              9-29  LarrE                             Racing

      SC    Chester I 77                        9-28  LarrE                              Shrine

      NC   Carolina                               9-22 LarrE                              Racing  

      SC    Travelers Rest                    9-22 LarrE                               Racing

      SC    Lancaster                           9-15  LarrE                               Racing

      SC     Lancaster                           9-8  LarrE                               Racing

      SC    Wrestling and Racing

      SC    Carolina                               9-7   LarrE                            Racing

      SC    Lowes                                    9-5  LarrE                        Hot Dogs

      SC    Cherokee                            9-2   LarrE                                   SAS

      NC    Harris                                   9-1    LarrE                              Clash


      NC    Carolina                               8-31   LarrE                            Racing

      NC    Carolina                               8-25  LarrE                     Skyler Trull

      NC   Thunder Valley                   8-24  LarrE                    Grassy Smith

      SC    Lancaster                            8-18  LarrE                               Racing  

      NC    Thunder Valley                   8-17 LarrE                               Racing

      NC    Casey Mears                       8-15   LarrE                        Lake Cruise

      NC   Carolina                                8-13   LarrE                                Shrine

      VA   Wythe                                   8-11   LarrE                                Racing

      NC   Carolina                                8-10   LarrE                                Racing

      NC     Lowes                                  8-7    LarrE                                Racing

      NC   Lowes                                   8 6   LarrE            Goodyear Tire Test

      NC   Carolina                                8-3   LarrE                                Racing


      NC    Lowes                                  7-31  LarrE                                Racing

      NC    East Lincoln                        7-28  LarrE                                Racing

      NC     Carolina                              7-27  LarrE                                Racing

      NC     Lowes                                  7-24  LarrE                                Racing

      SC      Lancaster                            7-21   LarrE                               Racing

      NC      Carolina                              7-20  LarrE                                Racing

      NC      Lowes Tuesday                  7-17  LarrE                             Shoot Out

      SC      Lancaster                            7-14  LarrE                                 Racing  

      NC     Carolina                           7-13  LarrE                                   Racing

      NC     Lowes Tuesday               7-10  LarrE                                Shoot Out


      SC    Lancaster                            6-23  LarrE                            Racing

      NC   Carolina                                6 -22 LarrE                                   Racing

      NC   Lowes Tuesday                    6-19 LarrE                                Shoot Out

      NC    Dale Jr. Signed with Rick Hendricks 17 years ago

      NC     Dale Earnhardt    News Conference on Switching to Hendricks  Photos and Comments

      NC    Lowes                             6-12 LarrE               Summer Shoot Out

      NC     Carolina                         6-8  LarrE                                   Racing

      NC     Carolina                          6-1    LarrE                                  Racing


      NC     Carolina                         5-25    LarrE                                  Racing

      NC     Lowes                               5-24       LarrE          NASCAR  Racing

      NC    Lowes                              5-19       LarrE                               Racing

      NC   Lowes                               5-18       LarrE                               Allstar

      NC   Carolina                            5-18      LarrE                                Racing

      NC   Lowes                                5-14       LarrE                 Busch Practice

      IN    Indy Motor Speedway      5-12          LarrE                     Qualifying

      IN     Indy Motor Speedway      5-12          LarrE                     Qualifying

      SC     Darlington                        5-10    LarrE         Silver Crown  Racing

      NC     Lowes                              5-8       LarrE         Nextel Cup Practice  

      NC     Lowes                             5-8        LarrE    NASCAR Military Tribute

      NC    Lowes                              5-7-       LarrE         Nextel Cup Practice


      VA    VIR                                   4-29    LarrE                     Motor Cycles

      VA    VIR                                   4-29    LarrE                                  Rolex

      NC    Concord                            4-28     LarrE               Hooters Pro Cup

      NC    Carolina                            4-27     LarrE                                Racing

      NC    Drivers                               4-21   LarrE                       Colossal 100

      NC     Dale Earnhardt  Jr.           4-24   LarrE                                  Lunch

      NC    The Dirt Track                   4-21   LarrE                         Crash Cars

      NC    The Dirt Track                   4-21    LarrE                       Colossal 100

      NC    The Dirt Track                   4-20    LarrE                       Colossal 100

     SC    Lancaster                           4-14      LarrE                                       Racing

      NC    Carolina                            4-13     LarrE                                Racing

      NC   Day At Carolina                4-1        LarrE                                   Photos

      NC    Wind Tunnel                      4-1        LarrE                                   Photos


      NC    Lancaster                            3-31     LarrE                                       Racing

      NC    Carolina                             3-30     LarrE                                     Racing

      SC    Lancaster                           3-23     LarrE                                       Racing

      NC   Carolina                             3-23      LarrE                                    Opening

      NC   Lowes Motor Speedway    3-21      LarrE                          Kasey Kahne

      NC   Lowes Motor Speedway    3-20      LarrE                                       SCCA

      SC   Lancaster                            3-17     LarrE                           Carolina Clash

      SC    Lancaster                            3-17      LarrE                                 Car Show

      NC    Carolina                              3-10      LarrE                                        Clash        

      NC   Hickory                              3-3          LarrE     All American Drivers Challenge

      SC    Cherokee                            3-4        LarrE                       March Madness

      SC    Darlington                             3-1          LarrE                                        USAC   53 Photos  



        Fl    East Bay Raceway                                     Sprint Cars

         Well, we made it to the foreign nation of Florida

         LMS                                    1-14   LarrE                  Legends     57 Photos

         Carolina Clash Banquet                                                Photos

         Hendren’s authorized crate motor repair shop

         Hendren's   Engine Shop                                         Visit   Photos

         Arena Racing                 1-6           LarrE                    Charlotte  90+ Photos



       Travels with hemorrhoid  

        East Bay                                               Crates

        New Smyrna                   12         LarrE                        1/4 Midgets

        Orlando Speedworld      12                       Sprint Midget Classic

        PRI                                 12                                       Trade Show    40 Photos

        USA Speedway              12-                                   PRA Big Cars    80+ Photos

         Arena Racing                12-8                                               LarrE    33 Photos

        Tony Quarles Auction   12-8                                               LarrE    12 Photos

        Bill Connell Tribute      12-8                                                LarrE   24 Photos

         Cherokee                      12-7              LarrE                   Banquet    24 Photos


         Cherokee                    11-26    LarrE       4 Crown Nationals    90+ Photos

         Cherokee                    11-12    LarrE       Tribute to Rock   25 Photos

        Cherokee                    11-12   Larrie Ervin        Blue Gray

        Cherokee                    11-11   Larrie Ervin        Blue Gray   50+ Photos

         Lowes Dirt Track         11-3     LarrE             ST Nationals    34 Photos

         The Dirt Track at Lowes                            Feature Results

         Lowes Dirt Track         11-3     LarrE             ST Nationals   55 Photos


       IT’S FALL IN APPALACHIA                           Story

       Lancaster Fastrak Nationals Championship      Story

       Fastrak Nationals Points Chart

       Riverside Fastrak The old pros showed the kids how to do again.  Story       

         Lancaster                   10-21    Larrie Ervin            Fast Track

         Riverside                    10-20    Larrie Ervin            Fast Track

         The Rocket Race Team is hooked up on Rock Hill.           Story

         How NOT to turn a Rocket                          Rock Hill Hangup.    Photos

         Lowes Dirt Track         10-11     Larrie Ervin      Lucas Oil LM


        Carolina                         9-29     Larrie Ervin                Fastrak    33 Photos

        Lancaster                      9-23     Larrie Ervin           Racing

        Carolina                         9-22   Larrie Ervin             Racing    Photos

       I rode with Mike Duvall. The living legend of dirt tracks.    Story

      More Ride along Photos                                 Mike Duvall

      IN CAR Video  Click Here     Thanks to Colevision

       Lancaster                      9-12     Larrie Ervin     Ride Along

      Carolina                         9-15    Larrie Ervin               Clash

       I-77 Chester                  9-16    Larrie Ervin   Starlite Reunion

       Carolina                          9-8       Larrie Ervin            Racing

        Cherokee                       9-3       Larrie Ervin                SAS

        Lancaster                       9-2       Larrie Ervin             Racing


        Carolina                          8-19    Larrie Ervin     I 77 Chester

        Cherokee                         8-18   Larrie Ervin              Racing

         Carolina                          8-15    Larrie Ervin     Shrine Race

         I-77 Chester                   8-12   Larrie Ervin                   Racing

        Lowes                                  8-8    Larrie Ervin                Racing 


      Lowes                                7-24    Larrie Ervin               Racing   45 Photos

      Carolina Speedway          7-21     Larrie Ervin               Racing   28 Photos

       I-77 Chester                   7-22  Larrie Ervin                   Racing      39 Photos

      Lowes                               7-18     Larrie Ervin               Racing  

      I-77 Chester                   7-15   Larrie Ervin                  Racing      41 Photos

      Lowes                 NC       7-11       Larrie Ervin            Shootout     42 Photos

      Carolina             NC       7-9          Larrie Ervin        Skyler Trull   77  Photos

      Hickory              NC       7-8          Larrie Ervin           Hooters    91 Photos

      Lowes                 NC       7-3          Larrie Ervin              Racing   55 Photos

       I-77 Chester      SC        7-1         Larrie Ervin               Racing   38 Photos


       Lowes      NC    6-27          Larrie Ervin                        Racing  53 Photos

       LMS         NC    6-20         Larrie Ervin                        Racing   32 Photos  

       Lavoina    GA    6-17          Larrie Ervin                 Photo Visit   30 Photos

       Mileback  SC     6-16         Larrie Ervin                 Photo Visit     17 Photos

        LMS                     6-13           Larrie Ervin                 Shootout    33 Photos

        Lancaster             6-10                                         ASCS Sprints   44Photos

        Carolina               6-9  Larrie Ervin                     Racing      30 Photos

        Laurens                6-3  Larrie Ervin            ASCS Sprints     40 Photos     


       Lancaster                   5-27   Larrie Ervin                                  Racing    31 Photos

       Carolina                     5-26    Larrie Ervin                                  Racing  34 Photos

        LMS Dirt                  5-24   Larrie  Ervin      Eckard Outlaw Shootout  50 Photos

        Concord                     5-21     Larrie Ervin                 Mopar Shoot Out  53 photos

        Carolina                     5-19           Larrie Ervin                        Racing     13 photos



       Lancaster     5-06                                      Larrie Ervin           32 Photos

       Lancaster   4-15                                       Larry Ervin           23 Photos

        Carolina 4-17                                                      Larrie Ervin  13 Photos

        I77-Chester                                             Racing    10 Photos


      The Self-built V-4    Story

       Lancaster        Clash and Opening      Larrie Ervin      36 Photos

       BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR (You might wind up racing at Indy)

       Carolina Speedway                                     Practice   19 Photos

        Cherokee Speedway       SAS         Larrie Ervin        Photos

        I 77                                                           Car Show      Photos



        OSP  .............................................. Young Guns Shoot Out


        Savannah……Savannah.   The sound rolls off the tongue.      Story

         5 to Choose From                  Photos

         Sugar Creek Ice Bowl                      Photos

         Driver X                                              Story


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