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2016 Racing Photos and Stories

Charlotte Motor Speedway - 3/9/2016 - Tire Test

Millbridge Speedway - 3/9/2016

S Greenville-Pickens                        2/6             PASS


2015 Racing Photos & Stories

Larrie's Best of 2015

NC  Hangin' Rock                        12/19             LarrE          Karts

             IN  Convention Center   12/10-12/12           LarrE                              PRI

                        NC  Concord                   11/5-8                     LarrE          North-South Shootout  

       NC  Charlotte Dirt                11/8                 LarrE         Sunday Finals

 NC  Charlotte Dirt                11/5-8              LarrE         Modifieds

               NC  Charlotte Dirt                11/5-8              LarrE          WoO Late Model

       NC  Charlotte Dirt                11/5-8              LarrE          WoO Sprints

NC  Charlotte                       10/21              LarrE       Kurt Busch 

             NC  Carolina                         10/17             LarrE          King of Carolinas

             NC  Carolina                         10/16             LarrE          King of Carolinas

      NC  Carolina                          10/15               LarrE               Practice

    NC  Charlotte                 10/11              LarrE       Sprint Cup            

 NC  Charlotte                 10/9              LarrE         XFinity               

    NC  Charlotte                 10/8              LarrE         Better Half Dash

SC  Laurens                     9/5              LarrE                      Racing

  NC  Lancaster                   7/11             LarrE                      Racing

                      NC  Carolina                      6/5               LarrE                      RaceSaver Sprints

  NC  Carolina                      6/5               LarrE                      Racing

                          SC  Lancaster                      5/24               LarrE                      RaceSaver Sprints

          SC  Lancaster                      5/24               LarrE                      Racing   

                  NC  Charlotte                      5/24               LarrE                      Coca-Cola60  

                   NC  Charlotte Dirt              5/22               LarrE                       WoO Sprints  

                            NC  Millbridge             5/22               LarrE                       Speed Sport Challenge  

              NC  Charlotte               5/16               LarrE                       All Star Race   

                               NC  Charlotte               5/15               LarrE                       Camping World Trucks   

     SC  Traveler's Rest               5/8         LarrE                         Racing

              SC  Traveler's Rest               5/8               LarrE                USCS Sprints

    SC  Sumter                              5/2               LarrE                Racing

                       SC  Sumter                              5/2               LarrE                RaceSaver Sprints

   NC  Cleveland County FG     5/1               LarrE                Racing

                 NC  Carolina                          4/24               LarrE               Weekly Racing

SC  Lancaster                        4/11              LarrE               USCS

NC  Carolina                          4/10               LarrE               USCS

                NC  Hickory                          4/3               LarrE                Must See Sprints

SC  Lancaster                      3/28                LarrE                Racing

NC  Carolina                     3/21             LarrE             Skyler Trull

NC  Carolina                     3/20             LarrE             Skyler Trull

NC  Charlotte                     3/11             LarrE             Testing

NC  Carolina                       3/7              LarrE             Practice

2014 Racing Photos & Stories

Top 50 Racing Photos from 2014

NC  Carolina                       10/18   LarrE      King of Carolinas

NC  Carolina                       10/17   LarrE              KoCPractice

NC  Carolina                       10/16   LarrE         KingoCPractice

NC  Charlotte                      10/10   LarrE                           CUP

NC  Charlotte                      10/9     LarrE                 Nationwide

NC  Charlotte                     10/8     LarrE                         Mods

SC  Cherokee                     10/4    LarrE                         Racing

SC  Cherokee                     10/4    LarrE                          USCS

SC  Sumter                          9/20    LarrE             RacesaverSp

SC  Sumter                          9/20    LarrE                       Racing

SC  CarolinaMSP               9/19    LarrE                        Racing

SC  Lancaster                      9/6     LarrE                        Racing

NC  Harris                           8/30    LarrE                         USCS

NC  Harris                           8/30    LarrE                       Racing

NC  Carolina                        8/29    LarrE                       Racing

SC  Lancaster                      8/23   LarrE                        Racing

NC  Carolina                        8/22    LarrE                       Racing

VA  VIR                               8/22-24 LarrE            TudorChamp

VA  VIR                               8/16    LarrE                  K&N East

NC  Cleveland Co.               8/15    LarrE               Fairgrounds

NC  Carolina                        8/13    LarrE                        Shrine

SC  Lancaster                     7/26    LarrE                       Racing

SC  Sumter                          7/19   LarrE                        Racing

SC  Sumter                          7/19    LarrE     Racesaver Sprints

SC  Lancaster                     7/12    LarrE                        Racing

NC  Carolina                       7/11    LarrE                       Racing

NC  Charlotte                       7/1    LarrE                     Shootout

SC  SugarTit                        6/28   LarrE                        Racing

NC  Harris                            6/27   LarrE                       Racing

NC  Carolina                         6/27   LarrE                     NCFuel

NC  Charlotte                       6/24    LarrE                   Shootout

NC  Charlotte                       6/17    LarrE                   Shootout

NC  Orange Co.                    6/14    LarrE                   Practice

NC  311 Speedway               6/14    LarrE             ULTIMATE

NC  Carolina                         6/13    LarrE                   RainOut

NC  Carolina                         6/6     LarrE                RaceSaver

NC  Carolina                         6/6     LarrE                       Racing

NC  East Lincoln                  6/7      LarrE               RaceSaver

NC  East Lincoln                  6/7      LarrE                      Racing

SC  Lancaster                      5/31    LarrE                         Clash

NC  Charlotte                       5/25    LarrE                   Coke600

NC  Charlotte                       5/24    Larre                Nationwide

SC  Lancaster                      5/24    LarrE                      Racing

NC  Millridge                       5/21    LarrE                      Racing

NC  Go-Pro Kartway           5/20    LarrE                      Lil 600

NC  Charlotte                       5/17    LarrE                      AllStar

NC  Charlotte                       5/16    LarrE     NASCAR Trucks

SC  Lancaster                      5/10    LarrE                      Racing

NC  Millbridge                     5/7       LarrE                     Racing

NC  Thunder Valley             5/3       LarrE                     Racing

NC  East Lincoln                  4/26     LarrE                     Racing

NC  Cleveland Co.               4/25     LarrE                     Racing

SC  Lancaster                       4/12    LarrE                       USCS

NC  Carolina                         4/11    LarrE                       USCS

SC  Lancaster                            4/5    LarrE                     Racing

NC  Carolina                              4/4    LarrE                     Racing

NC  Charlotte                            3/28    LarrE      Dale Jr & Elvis

SC  Lancaster                            3/22  LarrE                  CarShow

NC  Hickory                              3/22   LarrE               Modifieds

NC  Carolina                             3/21   LarrE                    Racing

NC  Carolina                             3/15   LarrE            Skyler Trull

NC  Carolina                             3/14   LarrE            Skyler Trull

NC  Carolina                             3/11   LarrE                   Practice

SC  Cherokee                            3/2    LarrE     Spring Nationals

SC  Greenville Pickens             3/1    LarrE                       PASS

SC  Anderson                            3/1     LarrE                   Practice

NC  Carolina                             2/22   LarrE                   Practice

NC  Metrolina                          1/26    LarrE                       Show

NC  Piedmont Auction              1/17   LarrE                        Show

2013 Racing Photos & Stories

Top 50 photos from 2013

Larrie covered 87 events in 8 states in 2013 and had his heel operated on.  Larrie is the funniest Reporter in racing. Check out his photos and read his captions.

 NC  Carolina King                   10/26  LarrE                         People

NC  Carolina $73.000+Purse   10/24  LarrE                       Practice

NC  Harris                                10/19  LarrE                        Racing

GA  Road Atlanta                  10/18  LarrE            NASCAR East

GA  Road Atlanta                  10/18  LarrE            Petite LaMans

NC  Charlotte                          10/12  LarrE                    NASCAR

NC  Charlotte                         10/11  LarrE                    Natiowide

NC  Charlotte                         10/10  LarrE                        Whelen

USA Delta Wing Car              10/19 LarrE                   Sports Car

SC  Cherokee                         10/5  LarrE                            USCS

NC  Carolina                          10/4    LarrE                           USCS

NC  VIR                                  10/4  LarrE               AM.LeMans

NC  Cleveland Co Fair          10/2    LarrE                         Racing

NC  Cleveland Co. Fair         9/30   LarrE             Monday Race

SC  Lancaster                       9/28  LarrE                           Racing

SC  Lancaster                       9/29  LarrE                  Hall of Fame

NC  Cleveland Co. Fair          9/27   LarrE                         Racing

FL  Five Flags                         9/20   LarrE                         Racing

AL  East Alabama                9/28  LarrE                     Track Visit    

SC  Lancaster                       9/14  LarrE                            Racing

SC  I-77                                 9/13   LarrE                  Shrine Race

NC  Friendship                         9/7   LarrE                            Clash

NC  Carolina                            9/6    LarrE                         Racing

NC  Cleveland Co.                   9/5    LarrE            Hendren Mem

USA Track Visits                  9        LarrE                      TN & OH

SC  Greenville Pickens         9/2     LarrE            K&N NASCAR

SC  Lancaster                           8/31 LarrE                          Racing

NC  Carolina                             8/30 LarrE                         Racing

VA  VIR                                   8/24  LarrE          K&N NASCAR

KY  Florence                            8/10  LarrE                North South

SC   Lancaster                        8/3  LarrE                            Racing

NC  Carolina                             8/2 LarrE                           Racing

NC  Cleveland Co. Fair            7/25 LarrE                         Racing

NC  Charlotte                           7/24 LarrE                    Shoot Out

SC  Race Night                       I-77 Chester                  7/20 LarrE

NC  Race Night                        Carolina                       7/19 LarrE

NC  Shootout                            Charlotte                      7/16 LarrE

VA  Ultimate                             Wythe                           7/15 LarrE

NC  Race Night                        Carolina                       7/12 LarrE

Medical Causes of Racing Deaths    DR James Norman

SC  Race Night                      Lancaster                      6/22 LarrE

NC  Race Night                     Cleveland Co.                6/21 LarrE

SC  Clash                                I-77 Chester                 6/15 LarrE

SC  UARA                              Anderson                      6/14 LarrE

NC  Shootout                          Charlotte                       6/11 LarrE

NC  Race Night                      Carolina                        5/31 LarrE

NC  Nascar Cup Test             VIR                              5/28 LarrE

NC  Nascar K&N Test           VIR                              5/28 LarrE

NC  SECA                               Harris                          5/27 LarrE

NC  Coke 600                         Charlotte                      5/26 LarrE

NC  NASCAR Nationwide     Charlotte                      5/25 LarrE

NC  WoO Sprints                    The Dirt Track            5/24 LarrE

NC  NASCAR Trucks            Charlotte                     5/17 LarrE

NC  Wind Tunnel Tour           Mooresville                 5/14 LarrE

NC  Ultimate LM                    Cleveland Co.             5/10 LarrE

NC  Clash                                 Carolina                       5/3 LarrE

NC  Go Karts                           Millbridge                    5/1 LarrE

NC  Race Night                       Carolina                     4/26  LarrE

SC  Race Night                       Lancaster                   4/20  LarrE

NC  NASCAR Trucks             Rockingham              4/13  LarrE

NC  UARA and Kimmell         Rockingham              4/13  LarrE

VA  Test & Tune                     VA Mororsports           4/6 LarrE

NC  USCS                                Carolina                     4/12  LarrE

SC  Racing                              I-77 Chester       4/6/13 By LarrE

NC  Racing                              Carolina                  4/5/ ByLarrE

SC  Carolina Crown                Lancaster             3/30 BY LarrE

SC  Carolina Crown                Lancaster              3/28 By LarrE

SC  Lancaster                         3-27  LarrE         Carolina Crown

SC  Lancaster                         3-16   LarrE                     Practice

SC  I-77 Chester                     3-16   LarrE                    Opening

NC  Carolina                           3-15   LarrE                      Racing

NC  Carolina                            3-9    LarrE              Skyler Trull

NC  Carolina                            3-9    LarrE              Skyler Trull

NC  Carolina                            3-3    LarrE                     Practice

FL  Volusia                              2-15  LarrE        Winternationals

FL  Volusia                               2-12  LarrE           Night 1 Mods

FL  Volusia                               2-12  LarrE           Night 1 Sprint

FL  North Florida                     2-10 LarrE         Winternationals

GA  Screvens                             2-9    LarrE     Winter Freeze

GA  Screvens                             2-8    LarrE     Winter Freeze


NC  Metrolina                           1-26  LarrE                    Show

NC  Phillip Walker                    1-19  LarrE                    Show

OK  Chili Bowl                          1-9    LarrE                 Around

OK  Chili Bowl                          1-9    LarrE                     Cars

NC  CARS Hickory        1-4-5   LarrE                             Show

2012 Racing Photos & Stories


USA Top 50 Photos             2012   LarrE             Racing


Dewey Gatson, "RAJO JACK"   1905 - 1956

Charlotte                   12-11  LarrE         NASCAR Test



Cherokee                 11-18  LarrE                     Blue Gray

Lancaster                 11-10 LarrE                       Mud Bog

Charlotte                    11-2   LarrE                 Grits Show


Charlotte                    10-13 LarrE                             Cup

Charlotte                    10-13 LarrE                    Misc Cup

Charlotte                    10-12 LarrE                  Nationwide

Charlotte                    10-11 LarrE                    PoleNight

The Dirt Track           10-10 LarrE                     WoOLM

Lancaster                  10-6  LarrE                             Clash


Carolina                      9-28  LarrE                           USCS

I-77 Chester               9-22  LarrE                           Shrine

Carolina                      9-21  LarrE                         Racing

Stock Car Steel          9-18  LarrE                 Open House

Tony Stewart              9-18    LarrE    Wounded Warriors

Lancaster                  9-15  LarrE                           NDRA

Carolina                     9-14  LarrE                          NDRA

Millbridge                  9-5    LarrE                          Racing

Cleveland Co.            9-7    LarrE             Hendren Mem

I-77 Chester              9-2    LarrE                Mungo Mem

Carolina                     9-1    LarrE                          Racing


Lancaster                   8-25  LarrE                         Racing

Carolina                      8-24  LarrE                         Racing

Lancaster                    8-18  LarrE                        Racing

I am NOT a photographer!

Carolina                      8-14  LarrE                          Shrine

Lancaster                    8-4    LarrE                        Racing

 Carolina                      8-3    LarrE                         Racing


Charlotte                     7-17  LarrE                     Shootout

I-77 Chester                7-14  LarrE                        Clash


Carolina                      6-15  LarrE                       Racing


Harris                          5-28  LarrE                       Racing

Charlotte MS              5-27  LarrE                  Coke 600

Lancaster                    5-26  LarrE                      Racing

Charlotte MS              5-25  LarrE               Nationwide

The Dirt Track            5-25  LarrE             WoO Sprints

The Dirt Track            5-25  LarrE                       NDRA

Charlotte MS              5-24  LarrE                 Interviews

Millbridge                    5-23  LarrE                      Racing

Charlotte MS              5-19  LarrE                       Allstar

Charlotte MS              5-18  LarrE                       Trucks

Charlotte MS              5-17  LarrE                         Biffle

Charlotte MS              5-15  LarrE     Danica&Newman

I-77 Chester                5-12  LarrE                      NDRA

Carolina                       5-11  LarrE                      Racing


Rockingham                4-15  LarrE     NASCAR Trucks

Rockingham                4-14  LarrE      UARA&Kimmel

Carolina                       4-13  LarrE                       USCS

Carolina                       4-13  LarrE                      Racing

Lancaster                    4-7    LarrE        Carolina Crown

Cleveland Co.              4-6    LarrE            Ulitmate LM


Ace Speedway             3-30   LarrE        USAC Midgets

Millbridge                    3-28   LarrE                     Racing

Lancaster                     3-17   LarrE                Rain Out

Lancaster                     3-16   LarrE     Carolina Crown

Millbridge                    3-14    LarrE                    Racing

Carolina                        3-10    LarrE          Skyler Trull

I-77 Chester                 3-10   LarrE               Car Show

Carolina                        3-9   LarrE       Fri Skyler Trull

Carolina                        3-6   LarrE         Getting Ready

Bubba Raceway                   LarrE               Photo Visit

Carolina                        3-6   LarrE         Getting Ready


Carolina                        2-25 LarrE                    Practice

New Smyrna                 2-21  LarrE               Modifieds

New Smyrna                 2-21  LarrE             Latemodels

Volusia                          2-20  LarrE      Winternationals

     Volusia                          2-19  LarrE           WoO Sprints      

Volusia N More            2-17  LarrE                In T Rain

Volusia                           2-16  LarrE     Mods & Sprints

Volusia                           2-15  LarrE    Mods &  Sprints

Volusia                           2-14  LarrE                      Mods

Screven                          2-11   LarrE               WoOLM

Screven                          2-11   LarrE      AllStar Sprints

Memory Lane                2-4   LarrE          Hall of Fame


Carolina Clash               1-28  LarrE                 Banquet

Charlotte Racers Expo  1-28  LarrE                      Show

Hickory                           1-14  LarrE          CARS Show

Charlotte                         1-7    LarrE                Legends

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