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2011 88 Racing Photos & Stories


Carolina                          12-5  LarrE                 Banquet


Racing is Dangerous.


Tractors & Sportscars 10-22 LarrE                    OH MY

Charlotte                        10-15 LarrE               Sprint Cup

Charlotte                       10-14  LarrE            Nationwide

The Dirt Track              10-12 LarrE                WoO LM

Cleveland Co                 10-8  LarrE         FastrackNats.

Cleveland Co.                10-7  LarrE         Fastrack Nats.

Carolina                         10-1  LarrE                      Racing

Carolina                         10-1  LarrE                        USCS


Charlotte                       9-27   LarrE         Kevin Harvick

Lancaster                    9-24   LarrE                       Racing

Charlotte                       9-20   LarrE           Carl Edwards

Cleveland Co.               9-16   LarrE  Bill Hendren Mem

Lancaster                    9-10   LarrE                       Racing

Carolina                       9-9    LarrE                        Racing

Wythe                            9-2     LarrE                   Ultimate


Lancaster                    8-27   LarrE                       Racing

Carolina                         8-26   LarrE                     Racing

Carolina                         8-26   LarrE                     NDRA

Concord                         8-24   LarrE            USAC Focus

Lancaster                     8-20  LarrE                       Racing

Carolina                         8-19   LarrE                     Racing

Concord                         8-17   LarrE            USAC Focus

Concord                         8-13   LarrE                    Pro Cup

Concord                         8-10   LarrE            USAC Focus

Carolina                         8-9    LarrE                       Shrine


Lancaster                     7-30  LarrE                       Racing

Lancaster                     7-30  LarrE                       NDRA

Carolina                         7-29   LarrE                     Racing

Concord                         7-27   LarrE                      USAC

Charlotte                        7-26  LarrE                  Shootout

Charlotte                       7-25   LarrE                  Shootout

Carolina                         7-12  LarrE Southern Nationals

Midwest Track Tours                                June and July

Peoria                    7-6    LarrE          Summer Nationals


Carolina                        6-24-25 LarrE                    USCS

Lancaster                     6-25  LarrE                       Racing

Carolina                        6-24  LarrE                      Racing

Charlotte                      6-21  LarrE                   Shootout

Charlotte                      6-10  Larre                   Shootout

Lancaster                    6-11  LarrE                      Racing

Carolina                       6-10  LarrE                     Racing


Lancaster                    6-4    LarrE                      Racing


Charlotte                     5-30  LarrE                  Coke 600

The Dirt Track           5-26  LarrE                         WoO

Indianapolis                5-22  LarrE       Starting Lineup

Indianapolis                5-21  LarrE                Qualifying

I 77 Chester                5-7    LarrE                     Racing

Carolina                       5-6    LarrE                     Racing


Lancaster                    4-30  LarrE                        Clash

Lancaster                    4-30  LarrE                      Racing

Carolina                       4-29  LarrE                     Racing

Charlotte MS              4-26  LarrE  Kyle saves the day

Concord                       4-23  LarrE                      Racing

It was Ladies first, and boy did the guys love it!

Carolina                      4-15  LarrE                        USCS

Carolina                      4-15  LarrE                      Racing

Carolina                      4-8    LarrE                      Racing

I-77 Speedway             4-2    LarrE  Pete Mosley Mem

Carolina                       4-1    LarrE                     Racing


Tires soaked while you sleep...they'll never find it

NC  Carolina                       3-25  LarrE                     Racing

SC  Lancaster                     3-19  LarrE                  Practice

SC  I-77 Speedway             3-19  LarrE                   Practice

NC  Carolina                       3-18  LarrE                     Racing

NC  Clash 2011                  3-12  LarrE                    Drivers

SC  Lancaster                     3-12  LarrE                 Car Show

NC  Carolina                       3-12  LarrE             Skyler Trull

NC  Carolina                       3-11  LarrE             Skyler Trull

SC  Modoc                       3-4    LarrE                       Fastrak


SC  Cherokee                  2-27   LarrE                       Opener

NC  Carolina                       2-26  LarrE                    Practice


GA  Screvens                      2-3   LarrE                      Sprints

GA  Screvens                      2-3   LarrE                  WoO LM

NC  Carolina Clash            1-29  LarrE                    Banquet

NC  TaterTots                    1-29   LarrE                   Banquet

NC  NDRA Crates             1-22   LarrE                   Banquet

USA  South Carolina Here We Come


USA California Here We Come


2010 Racing Events and coveragePhotos



FL  PRI Orlando            12-11  LarrE                    Show

FL  Don Garlits              12-8   LarrE               Museum


NC  Fayetteville             11-13 LarrE                    Clash

NC  Fayetteville             11-13 LarrE                  Racing

NC  The Dirt Track        11-6   LarrE             WoO LM

NC  The Dirt Track        11-6   LarrE       WoW Sprints

NC  The Dirt Track        11-6   LarrE   SuperDirt Mods

NC  The Dirt Track        11-6   LarrE          WoO Races


SC  I-77 Chester            10-26 LarrE                Banquet

NC  Hickory                    10-23 LarrE     USCS   Sprints

NC  Hickory                    10-23 LarrE     USAC Midgets

NC  Charlotte                  10-15 LarrE           Nationwide

NC  Charlotte                            LarrE             Modifieds

NC  Carolina                   10-15 LarrE         Season Final

NC  NEW US Legend Modified                            LarrE

NC  The Dirt Track        10-13 LarrE                   NDRA

NC  The Dirt Track        10-13 LarrE                   NDRA

NC  The Dirt Track      10-13 LarrE                WoOLM

NC  Rockingham           10-9  LarrE                   UARA

NC  Fayetteville            10-9   LarrE                     Clash

NC  Rockingham           10-8   LarrE                    ARCA

SC  I-77 Chester                LarrE  Wendell Scott Movie

NC  Charlotte                 10-7  LarrE          Hall of Fame

NC  Carolina                  10-2   LarrE                     USCS

NC  Carolina                  10-1   LarrE                     USCS


NC  Dublin                     9-25   LarrE                     Clash

SC  I-77 Chester         9-24   LarrE                         NDRA

NC  Friendship               9-18   LarrE                     Clash

NC  Carolina                  9-17   LarrE                    NDRA

NC  Cleveland Co.          9-10   LarrE                      NDRA

SC  Lancaster               9-4     LarrE                        Racing

NC  Carolina                 9-3     LarrE                        Racing



SC  Lancaster               8-28   LarrE                      Racing

NC  Carolina                  8-27   LarrE                    Racing

The new "dirt" Legend car

VA  Wytheville               8-7    LarrE                           Clash

NC  CMS                        8-3    LarrE                  Shootout


SC  I-77 Chester           7-24  LarrE                        USCS

NC  Carolina                  7-23   LarrE                     Racing

NC Charlotte                 7-20  LarrE                  Shootout

NC  Charlotte                  7-17  LarrE                   Prelems

NC  Chralotte                  7-16  LarrE        Millions Heats

NC  Charlotte                  7-15  LarrE             The Million

NC  Carolina                   7-13  LarrE Southern Nationals

NC  CMS                        7-13  LarrE      Legends Million

SC  I-77 Chester             7-11  LarrE                        Track

GA  Lavonia                     7-10  LarrE                       Clash

NC  Carolina                   7-9    LarrE                     Racing

NC  Friendship                7-3    LarrE                     NDRA

NC  Carolina                   7-2    LarrE                     NDRA

NC  Harris                       7-1    LarrE                       Clash


NC  Carolina&CMS       6-29   LarrE                      Racin

NC  Dublin                       6-26  LarrE                       Clash

NC  Carolina                    6-25  LarrE                     Racing

SC  Travlers Rest            6-19  LarrE                       Clash

NC  Carolina                   6-18   LarrE                       USCS

NC  Carolina                   6-11  LarrE                      Racing

NC  Cleveland Co.          6-5     LarrE                     NDRA


NC  Friendship                5-29   LarrE                     Racing

NC  Friendship                5-29   LarrE                       Clash

NC  Charlotte                  5-29   LarrE               Nationwide

NC  The Dirt Track         5-28  LarrE             WoO Sprints

NC  Charlotte                   5-27  LarrE                 NASCAR

Interview with Brian Vickers

NC  Charlotte MS           5-22  LarrE                     Allstar

NC  Charlotte MS           5-21  LarrE       Preview Allstar

NC  Rockingham             5-15  LarrE                      UARA

NC  Rockingham             5-15  LarrE                      USAR

NC  Rockingham             5-14  LarrE                          ASA

NC  311 Speedway          5-8    LarrE                         Clash

NC  Cleveland Co.           5-7    LarrE                        Clash

NC  I-77 Chester             5-1    LarrE                       NDRA


NC  Carolina                    4-30  LarrE                       Racing

NC  Carolina                    4-27  LarrE                         USCS

NC  Charlotte MS           4-20  LarrE             Coke 600 PC

NC  Carolina                    4-16  LarrE                       Racing

NC  Fayetteville               4-10  LarrE                         Clash

NC  Wilmington                4-9    LarrE                   Vacation

SC  Lancaster                   4-3    LarrE                      Racing

SC  Lancaster                   4-3    LarrE                        Clash

NC  Carolina                     4-2    LarrE                     Racing


NC  311 Speedway          3-27  LarrE                          Clash

NC  Charlotte                  3-26  LarrE               Radio Show

NC  Charlotte                  3-26  LarrE          NASCAR Test

NC  Hickory                    3-25  LarrE           USAC Midgets

NC  Charlotte                  3-25  LarrE           NASCAR Test

NC  Carolina                    3-20  LarrE                Skyler Trull

NC  Carolina                    3-19  LarrE                      Opening

NC  Charlotte MS           3-16  LarrE              NASCAR PC

SC  Lancaster                  3-13 LarrE                     Car Show

VA  Virginia Inter            3-6   LarrE                  Sports Cars


FL  Carolina                     2-27 LarrE                        Practice

FL  New Smyrna              2-11 LarrE                  Asphalt WS

FL New Smyrna              2-10 LarE                    Asphalt WS

FL  Daytona                     2-9   LarrE          Vintage &RPM

FL  New Smyrna              2-9   LarrE                      RainOut

FL  Volusia                       2-8   LarrE                    WoO LM 

FL  Volusia                       2-8   LarrE                   Modifieds

FL  The Cape                   2-7   LarrE           Shuttle Launch

FL  Volusia                       2-6   LarrE                  Modifides

FL  Volusia                       2-6   LarrE                       Sprints

FL  Volusia                       2-5    LarrE                 Modifieds

FL  Volusia                       2-5    LarrE                      Sprints

FL  Volusia                       2-4    LarrE                      Sprints

FL  Volusia                       2-4    LarrE                 Modifieds

FL  East Bay                    2-3    LarrE                      Sprints

FL  East Bay                    2-3    LarrE                 Modifieds

FL   Daytona                     1-31  LarrE           24 Hrs Rolex

GA   Golden Isles             1-30  LarrE               SuperBowl

GA   Golden Isles             1-29  LarrE               SuperBowl

   GA   Golden Isles             1-28  LarrE               SuperBowl    

Living a Dream

NC  Carolina Clash          1-28  LarrE                   Banquet

NC  Rockingham             1-1    LarrE          Polar Bear 150



2009 114 Racing Events


    FL   PRI Show                               12   LarrE                     People

    FL   PRI Show                               12   LarrE                        Cars

    FL   PRI Show                               12    LarrE         Vintage Cars


    SC  Lancaster                                11-14 LarrE       NDRA Finals

    NC  Lowes                                         11-7   LarrE NASCAR Champs

    NC  Concord                                      11-7   LarrE           North South

    NC  The Dirt Track                           11-7   LarrR    WoOSp   Finals

    NC  The Dirt Track                           11-7   LarrE     WoOLM Final

    NC  The Dirt Track                           11-4   LarrE      WoO Finals D1

    NC  The Dirt Track                           11-4   LarrE  WoO LM Topless


    NC   311 Speedway                            10-24  LarrR                      Clash

    NC   Rockingham                               10-11 LarrE                      ARCA

    SC    Lancaster                                   10-10 LarrE                        Clash

    NC   Carolina                                      10-9  LarrE                       Racing

    NC   Fayetteville                                 10-3  LarrE                         Clash

    NC    Carolina                                      10-2  LarrE                         USCS


    NC   Lowes                                          9-30  LarrE  The King  Press Con  

    NC   East Lincoln                                9-30  LarrE              Nascar Night 

    NC  Carolina                                       9-25   LarrE                    Rain Out

    NC   Rockingham                               9-23   LarrE        ARCA Practice 

    VA    Wytheville                                 9-19  LarrE                          Clash               

    SC    Chester I-77                               9-12  LarrE                     Shrine Race

    NC   Cleveland Co                             9-11  LarrE                         Racing

    NC   Friendship Speedway                9-5    LarrE                            Clash

    NC   Carolina                                     9-4    LarrE                            Clash


    NC   311 Speedway                            8-29  LarrE                             Clash

    SC   I-77 Chester                               8-22  LarrE                             Racing

    SC   Westminster                                8-22 LarrE                              Racing

    NC   East Lincoln                               8-15  LarrE                           Racing

    NC   Carolina                                     8-11  LarrE                             Shrine

    VA   Wytheville                                  8-8   LarrE                               Clash

    NC  Cleveland                                    8-7   LarrE                               Clash

    NC  Lowes                                          8-5   LarrE          Summer Shoot Out

    SC   Lancaster                                    8-2   LarrE                              Racing

    SC   Lancaster                                    8-1    LarrE                             NDRA


    TN   Tazwell                                       7-25  LarrE          Southern Nationals

    TN  Bulls Gap                                   7-24  LarrE          Southern Nationals

    TN   Cleveland                                   7-23  LarrE          Southern Nationals

    NC  Lowes                                        7-21  LarrE                               Racing

    SC   Lancaster                                  7-18  LarrE                              Racing

    NC   Carolina                                   7-14  LarrE            Southern Nationals

    NC   311 Speedway                         7-11  LarrE                                   Clash

    NC   Carolina                                  7-10  LarrE                                 Racing

    NC   Fayetteville                             7-4   LarrE                                    Clash

    NC   Rockingham                           7-4    LarrE                                      ASA

    NC   Carolina                                  7-3    LarrE                                  Racing   


    NC   Lowes                                       6-30   LarrE               Summer Shoot Out

    VA   Wytheville                                6-27   LarrE                                     Clash

    VA   Wytheville                                6-27   LarrE                                   Racing

    NC   Carolina                                   6-26   LarrE                          USCS Sprints

    SC    Lancaster                                 6-20   LarrE                                   Racing

    NC   Carolina                                    6-19   LarrE                                   Racing

    NC   Friendship                                 6-13   LarrE                                     Clash

    NC   Friendship                                 6-13   LarrE                                   Racing

    NC   Carolina                                     6-12   LarrE                                  Racing

    OH   Eldora                                        6-6    LarrE                            The Dream

    IN    The Burg                                    6-5    LarrE                          WoO Sprints


    NC   Fayetteville                                5-30   LarrE                                    Clash

    NC   Fayetteville                                5-30   LarrE                                  Racing

    NC   Carolina                                      5-29   LarrE                                 Racing

    NC   Lowes                                          5-25  LarrE                     Coke 600 Fans

    SC    Travelers Rest                           5-23   LarrE                                   Clash

    SC    Travelers Rest                           5-23   LarrE                                 Racing

    NC   The Dirt Track                            5-22   LarrE                          FASTRAK

    NC   The Dirt Track                            5-22   LarrE                       WoO Sprints

    NC   Lowes                                          5-21   LarrE                     POLE NIGHT

    NC   Lowes                                          5-16   LarrE              NASCAR Allstars

    NC   Lowes                                          5-15   LarrE               NASCAR Trucks

    SC    Lancaster                                    5-9    LarrE                                 Racing

    NC   Carolina                                       5-8    LarrE                                 Racing

    NC   East Lincoln                                 5-2    LarrE                                 Racing

    NC   Carolina                                       5-1    LarrE                                  Racing



    GA   Hartwell                                      4-24 LarrE                                    Racing

    GA   Hartwell                                      4-25 LarrE                                      Clash

    SC    Carolina                                      4-24 LarrE                                      USCS

    SC    Darlington                                  4-22   LarrE   Cale Yarborough & Joey Logano

    NC   Rockingham                               4-19   LarrE                                   ARCA

    SC    Lancaster                                   4-18   LarrE                                   Racing

    NC   Rockingham                               4-18   LarrE                                    UARA

    NC   Carolina Speedway                    4-17  LarrE                                    Racing

    SC    Lancaster                                   4-11   LarrE                                   Racing

    NC   Fayetteville                                 4-4    LarrE                                      Clash

    NC   Fayetteville                                 4-4   LarrE                   Ed Gibbons Mem

    NC   Fayetteville                                 4-4    LarrE                                    Racing


    NC   The Dirt Track                            3-29   LarrE                          Colossal 100

    SC    Lancaster                                   3-21   LarrE                        Carolina Clash

    SC    Lancaster                                   3-21   LarrE                        Opening Night

    NC   Carolina                                      3-20   LarrE       Clash Skyler Trull Mem

    NC   Carolina                                      3-20   LarrE                                  Opening

    NC   Lowes Motor Speedway            3-18  LarrE                                  Tire Test

    SC    Rock Hill                                    3-14  LarrE                                  Car Show

    SC    Lancaster                                   3-8    LarrE                                  Car Show


    FL    RPM  Promoters                      2-      LarrE                              Work Shop

    FL    New Smyrna                             2-10  LarrE              Asphalt World Series

    FL    New Smyrna                             2-9    LarrE              Asphalt World Series

    FL    Orlando Speedworld                 2-9   LarrE                                      Racing

    FL   Volusia Modifieds                     2-8   LarrE                                      Racing

    FL    Volusia Sprints                          2-8    LarrE                                     Racing


    FL    Volusia Sprints                         2-7    LarrE                                       Sprints

    FL    Volusia Modifieds                    2-7    LarrE                                 Modifieds

    FL    Volusia                                      2-7    LarrE                                      Tourist

    FL   Volusia Modifieds                     2-6    LarrE                                      Racing

    FL   Volusia Sprints                         2-6   LarrE                                       Racing

    FL   Volusia Sprints                         2-5   LarrE                                       Racing


    GA   Golden Isle                               1-30   LarrE                                RACIN

    GA    Golden Isle                              1-30   LarrE                                RACIN

    GA    Golden Isle                              1-29   LarrE                                RACIN

    GA    Golden Isle                              1-28   LarrE                              Rain Out

    NC    Dale McDowell                       1-15   LarrE                      Set Up School

    NC     Carlolina Clash                        1-10  LarrE                               Banquet

    NC    Rockingham                             1-1    LarrE              Polar Bear Drivers

    NC    Rockingham                             1-1    LarrE                     Polar Bear 150   


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