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Recently Rog (Mr LuvRacin) and I spent the morning with the top 5 finalists of t! he Roush Driver X contest. Travis Kittleson, Danny O’Quinn, David Ragan, Erik Darnell and Jason Hogan. These were the last 5 of the 1,700 applicants to try for the contract to drive a NASCAR truck this year for Jack Roush Racing. The competition is over and it is a well-kept secret who has won. All the fans are anxiously waiting to see who the winner is. Hoping for an exclusive I asked one of the drivers, Erik Darnell from Illinois, which driver had won. To which he replied, “Gosh, I wish I new!” By the way, the last three sentences were typed with my tongue firmly pressed against my cheek!

  These young men, who’s ages all hover in the low 20’s! , are the new born chicks about to grow into the fighting roosters of NASCAR. They are all giggly with excitement about their futures and in a hurry to get it on. When you looked them in the e! ye to see what was there you could see… the future! They can’t wait to be part of it. Most have grown up in racing families and know of nothing else. Like farm boys raised in the fields, it’s already their life. They just what to branch out with some land of their own and see what they can grow.


When Jack Roush picks his new driver he will surely have mixed feelings about it. Because he knows the others will be his strong competition in the future.




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