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When Stan Lester and his Fastrak racing series decided to have a trifecta weekend to choose their champion it seemed like Brian Franceís 10 Ďll get you 1 deal. Everyone hoped it would work, but you didnít know.  At the seasons end teams from all over the country picked up and headed for South Carolina and the playoffs.

    The first race was to be on October 19 at Volunteer Speedway at Bulls Gap Tennessee. Thatís down in the Knoxville area. There were lots of cars, lots of excitement and lots of rain. With a third of the weekend events gone no one was going to coast into this championship.

    Wet and dejected the teams headed on down to Riverside Speedway, over near Greenville and Spartanburg. This track had been around for 30 years and was due to hold its last race ever the night after Fastrak ran. With 56 Crate motor racecars on hand the Fastrak event would be a barnburner. As the sun dropped into the Blue Ridge Mountains the cool night was warmed by 5 heat races  with 11 or 12 cars each.

The top 3 from each heat made the feature.

 Heat #1 was Hot Rod Lamance, Scott Childress and Chris Steele.

Heat #2 winner Greg Pilgrim, William Thomas and Josh Carrol.

 Heat #3 went to Matthew Daniels, Bill Morgan and Wisconsinís Chris Carlson.

Heat  #4 ended with Lee Cooper, Buddy Smith and Troy Springborn.

Heat  #5 was Chris Ferguson, Shannon Buckingham.

    In the first heat two favorites took themselves out, Timbo Mangum and John Pursley. They will not be exchanging Christmas cards this year. As luck would have it with 2 consolation races they would not have to run against each other again. Each won his respective consi and moved on to start the feature in the back side by side. Let the beatings begin.

 Well, what wasnít dust was mud and the racers found it all. As Chris Ferguson rolled around in about 5th spot waiting to make his move at the endÖthen end came. A cloud of smoke followed Chris into the infield and he and his engine were out. As car after car hit the walls, each other and the notorious mud bog coming out of 2 it became harder and harder to distinguish the cars. Lets just say anyone that finished is now an official dirty driver.

     As with most things the best will always get to the top, and the old pros showed the kids how to do again. Bill Morgan, John Pursley and  Hot Rod Lamance total more racing years than all the young guns combined. And as you see they finished 1, 2, and 3. See the finishing sheet for all other spots. The feature ended around 2 am  leaving the teams with hours of driving and many hours of repairs before tomorrows race at Lancaster.


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