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The Rocket race team is hooked on Rock Hill.

 After a less than stellar run at the Lowes dirt track in Charlotte, NC the team headed south for their next race at Volusia Florida. They hoped they had left all their bad luck up at Charlotte and could get a fresh start on Friday in Florida at the “Gator 100” race. Young race driver Josh Richards and his team had just settled in for the 8 hour all nighter. Their shinny new hauler and living quarters cab was rolling nicely down I-77 into South Carolina. Truck driver Joe Paxson and team owner Mark Richards decided to pull off at Rock Hill, SC for a quick stop and go. By the way gas (regular) is selling for $1.95 here on October 11.  A block west of I-77 Joe decided to turn around and head for a better corner. He pulled into the convenient mart at the corner of Celanese Rd and Riverview. Well, he pulled in but the huge hauler stayed out on Celanese Rd. blocking two lanes of traffic. The driveway drops away steeply and the rig had hung up on the sidewalk and curb. Lisa Woolman the night manager of the ValMart was just closing up at 11 pm when she saw the trouble outside. Now Lisa is a little gal and this situation may have overwhelmed her. However, Lisa had driven 16-ton trucks in the military so she came out and offered her assistance… after selling a few snacks to her captive customers.

          By the time I happened upon the scene around 1:30 am several sheriffs cars and one very large tow truck filled the quiet night with flashing lights. Over two hours of struggling had made no progress. I parked my car with the headlights flooding the scene. That was my contribution to the effort. The large tow truck, from BoBo’s wrecker Service is used for big truck hauling. All teams traveling on I-77 in South Carolina should add their phone number to your speed dial…..803-329-3030.  Anyway,  before you start wondering why they didn’t try your idea…..they did, they tried every idea. Things just weren’t as simple as it seems.  Around 1:45 after dragging the tow truck up and down Celanese Rd a few times Things started to happen. The living quarters cab was lifted up, placed on wooden blocks (again) and the hauler started moving.  To the cheers of Lisa and myself the huge ship had been freed from its sandbar.  After settling up with Bobo’s towing the Richards race team backed up made a sweeping U-turn and headed back to I-77. I’m sorry that the team will now have a bad memory of our little town. It’s really a great place.  Maybe when the team heads home from Florida in a week I can meet with them and buy them dinner. At a place with a large flat parking lot.



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