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Friends and fans, a month ago I received a phone call (at a race track) that my wife, Sue had fallen at home. I arrived at the hospital to find she had fractured both left arm bones at the wrist. They had broken and slide back past the remaining bones. Surgery reset them and a five inch (seven screws) metal plate was installed at the wrist to keep the bones in place. There was a lot of swelling and pain and after two weeks we went back to the doctor to find her elbow was also badly out of joint. Another surgery put the joint back in place. Last Friday after a lot more pain we saw the doctor and found the elbow again was out of joint. Surgery number three, cast number three. Now we are facing a major surgery up in Charlotte to tighten the lose tendons. She has been in a lot of pain and the medication knocks her out. I have had to assist her in nearly every daily activity. As a result I do not leave the house much…no races. The bills are coming in and her nursing home pay will end soon. I hope you understand that taking race photos is not very important to me right now.  As situations change I will again be able to get out and entertain you with my photos and stories. Until then look at some of the other great LuvRacin photographers and have fun at the tracks.



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