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  Jr signed with Hendricks 17 years ago


 Dale Jr:    I had been fortunate enough to be invited on a trip around the Midwest to visit some dirt tracks with Kenny Schrader We were to end up in Topeka Kansas where Kenny was going to race with Rick Hendricks and my dad and others in an ARCA race. So I’m runnin’ around with Schrader the whole week. When we get to Topeka, it was the first time I’d ever met Rick. As he was introduced to me, he asked, “Do you have a contract to drive for anybody?” I wasn’t even racin’ back then so I thought it was a joke. But he wrote one down on a napkin and I signed it. I figured even if it was a joke, I’d better sign it because he might come and ask me one day. We were just jokin’ around…but obviously he was a pretty smart businessman. That was in 1991

Rick Hendricks added:   The first thing I was concerned about was how Dale let him go to the Midwest with Schrader. So I felt like I needed to protect him a little bit.. He was only 15.  But years later my son Ricky ran his first Busch  race at Myrtle Beach. At the drivers meeting I ended up standing next to Jr. I said “Remember you signed a contract with me?” and he said “I thought you’d forgot about that.” I told him no I didn’t forget it I was just scared of his daddy so I wasn’t going to enforce it. But then he said he wanted a Corvette for all of his team members. I told him that was no problem

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