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I am NOT a photographer


Letís get one thing straight. I am NOT a photographer. I push a button on a camera. There is a lot about taking pictures that I donít understand, and I could never have made it when you had to buy film and get it developed.  Everyone is a great picture taker until the sun goes down. Then you need to have spent some money. And if you want to take pictures at race tracksÖ.you need to spend a lot of money! My equipment is always bought used. That makes it possible to have a camera and a house at the same time.

Present camera is a Cannon EOS 40D. I donít know what that means either. But, I was told it was good used for $500. The flash is a Cannon 580EX II bought used for $300. And the lens is a Tamron 18-250 mm bought new for $250. The lens automatic focus broke last year, it was a cheap lens, and I canít get it fixed. So I have to focus with my eye, and the Doctor says I should have my cataracts out next year. Now you know why some of the shots are out of focus.

This is the third camera Iíve used since 2006 when Roger Bathe, owner of, asked me to take pictures at our local tracks. The previous 60 some years I sat in the stands buying warm Cokes, cold hamburgers and waiting in line for the toiletÖ like you do every week.  And just like you I loved it!

Everything Iíve learned taking pictures at the track I taught myself. Yes, Iíd ask the pros at the track what to set the camera at, but I never understood their answers, so I taught myself.

This would be a good time to tell you what ďthe track photographerĒ is. He or she is the person that the track lets come in with a camera and take photos on the track and in Victory lane. They can then sell their pictures to the teams and make enough money to come back next week. They are all wonderful people and I love them. But they are prima donnas. They hate me because I give my photos away, and that means people wonít buy their pictures. I understand, but life ainít fair sometimes.

 I do try to stay away from the Victory Lane shots unless itís a special race. That way the track photographer can sell his winners picture. Thatís were the money is anyway. Also, Iím getting to old to run back to the turns before the next race starts.

What I am is a story teller. I use my camera to take pictures at a track so that you will want to come see that track. We donít want you to feel like you were there. We want you to know that you missed something by not being at that race. It doesnít matter if itís a good picture. It has to say darn I wish Iíd seen that.

 You see I love racing (LuvRacin) and want you to love it to. I spend between 5 and 6 hours going over the pictures from an average race. Rearranging them, cropping them, lightening and darkening them and then adding captions. I canít stand looking at a photo and wondering who it is. So we put captions to all our pictures. After a few hours of working over the photos Iíd get a little goofy, and started putting silly captions to some of the photos. People loved it. Truth is I love it too.

 And Iíd love to hear what you want or donít want in my shots, and how we Can help you enjoy the races.



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