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Sue and I drove over 3,000 miles last week, while also visiting 2 days with owner, Roger Bathe and his wife Sheryl in McKinney Texas. We’ve also spent time with a long lost (make that never met before) cousin, Marilyn, in Flower Mound Texas. We are now in Palm Springs California visiting with my brother Maurice and two of his daughters. But you didn’t come here to share my family news.  

As we left Rock Hill last Sunday morning (December 26th) we were in snow all the way to Birmingham Alabama. MANY cars had slid into the ditches around Atlanta, but we limped through at 30 miles per hour. The road opened up as we entered Louisiana and was impressed with Shreveport Louisiana.  Many LARGE casinos and plenty of glitter.  I swear it looks like Las Vegas! Dallas is huge, with major highways running everywhere. Roger took us to a few Texas race tracks and we saw the Texas Speedway NASCAR track. We were now half way to California.  It was a long, long way across the rest of Texas….I-10 runs 650 mile across Texas!  We stopped for the night just before entering New Mexico. The next day looked great till the wind…over 60 mile an hour and gusting higher…made us play "chicken"

with the tumbleweeds. These bushes can get as large as a Volkswagen and come sailing across the road by the millions! The front grill was packed solid with these things.  Then it began to snow again…and we are only a few miles from the Mexican boarder. This storm was as bad as the one back in Georgia.  We were so tired that we stayed in Blyth California.  That should be Blight, but there is NO other place to stay between Phoenix and Las Angeles We will spend some time in Phoenix on the way back. More on that later. Yesterday we went to a Sunday Jazz session at a local restaurant here in Palm Springs. A six man combo stops in on Sunday after noon to jam for a few hours. I thought the clarinet player looked familiar so I asked my brother who it was. It was Hal Linden…he played Barney Miller on the TV show.  Palm Springs is a small city but FULL of celebrities because there are no "paparazzi" here to bother them. President Ford died here, Bob Hope died here, Frank Sinatra died her, Liberace died here. Maybe I should get the hell out of here! It is chilly and raining here in the desert but we’ll wait it out so we can go swimming at least once while we’re here. More later



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