LarrE Ervin





First time I saw her was 50 tears ago, standing in a field of new mown hay. A tall healthy farm girl with straw in her hair and sweat dripping from her thick brows. The hot sun that would tan her and burn us made everything in the midwest grow like a weed. You couldnt turn away, you had to stare, she was the bloom of a bright flower.  Id heard about her. Hell, wed all heard about her. She was still an innocent teen but you knew she was going to be a woman of the world. Just the thought of having her was better than having anyone else. By the time she hit her stride she knew what we wanted and knew that she could take her pick of the best of us. And she did. Indy picked many of us in her time but only when she was ready. So wed wait patiently and hope to be among the chosen few. A lot of guys only got to stand close and hold her hand, but that was enough to last them the rest of their lives.

When the boys would sit around with a bottle and tell their most intimate Indy stories there never was any jealousy.  We knew to have her we had to share her, so we did.


In her early years she could be a vindictive lover, tearing our hearts out and turning her back on us. Treat her wrong and she could be a bitch, her mood would change in a second for no reason. Possibly she was just trying to deal with all the fame she was getting. Whatever it was she seemed to out grow it.

As we aged the inevitable happened. She had a nip and a tuck and used a little more eye shadow. It helped but it didnt reverse anything. We saw less of each other and lust turned to love. The thrill of seeing her the first time has become the fear that Im seeing her for the last. But its the first of May, our anniversary, the lilacs are blooming her new suitors are arriving at her door with flowers and candy and her eyes will gleam as bright as ever.






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