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 2011 PRI


He got everybody all excited, Big Dad…the first Don Garlics, Big Daddy Dragster.  He crashed it and it ended up just him.   Curden has a driving simulator. You have a 50-inch LCD screen in front of you and you can race on a road course:  It tips and turns and nosedives, it simulates you sitting in a car, and this thing is like a big octopus.  You’re actually sitting in a race car chassis… it’s cool.  I start going down the isles and go by the east side quarter midget both and saw a young gent sitting there looking at a quarter midget - about 12 years old.  

They had these go karts.  You get to look at a display of hot rod go karts that go 160 miles an hour.  Down the road I run into blue plate non part camera boys - the camera I use.  On par for Brian, they’ve introduced a 1080 camera.  I took some people over to intrude them to John … he grabs his iPad and his computer and brings up the sound track from a dragster taking off.  Dave looks at him and says “that’s a perfect sound!”  They have probably four spots for their display and two isles over is Go Pro …I didn’t even need to go over because the display is HUGE! 

This show is like a lot of old racing friends getting together saying hello.  Oh yeah, and then I meet a man with a parrot on his shoulder, and the parrot’s doing tricks.  There’s a video clip up on my page.  I got some cool pictures of this parrot.  This is a world wide trade show there’s people from all over the world.  Go was sitting IZOD… There were lots of old racecars displayed… The most colorful booth was the guy with the shirts

On Thursday night we went out to dinner.  Then I went to bed.  Got up the next morning and even though we missed the go kart race, we made it to the show.  I dropped my stuff off and the next thing I know we are getting swamped by Mike’s booth …True Laser Track.  We helped mike and Crystal clear out some people.  Then I started making rounds through the show taking pictures.  Found a National Parts Peddler newspaper 1976-2011.  The Hoosier Tire boys were swamped.  I stopped and visited the A and E Dry Pumps systems.  I heard a guy say, “I just bought my wife the fastest coffee table….”  He bought one of AJ Floyd’s V8 Chevrolet Racing Motors and made it a coffee table.  I saw Bill Simpson’s parents going over some racing days and talking about stuff.  Then I got a video interview with Kits Titanium. 

After the show on Friday it’s time to relax in the hot tub…and oh my God did I have a good dinner on Friday night!  I found a Bahamas Breeze  restaurant – I faced the sunset and had beautiful nourishment. 

Saturday was a great day!!!!!!! Cedars suspension was there.  Great time and great show…met a lot of people talked to a lot of people got some contacts and there were beautiful ladies and beautiful motors. 


Jerry “Goose” Gossel



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