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Salutations: Sultans of Speed,


It is that time of the week again already. It is time to dig in and think about the weekend ahead at the great race tracks we get to visit throughout the country, and remember the amazing weekend that was, this past weekend. With that in mind, I am pleased to bring you a "Demonic" edition of the Rockin' Race Report from "The D-Shaped Dirt Demon", Brewerton Speedway and their big event from last Friday, June 5th.


As incredible as it is to see any racer make his first trip into victory lane, the taste of success is made all the sweeter when you can clearly see that this trip will be the first of many for a driver who had always been only a heart-beat away. Chad Phelps The "X-Man", proved to be the show-stopper on this remarkable night in Brewerton, New York.


A great story to be sure. Hard working driver, from nearby Mexico, New York, backed by an equally hard-working crew, big on talent and enthusiasm, but a little short on funding. To see this team and this driver in victory lane, Chad climbing atop his hyper-sleek, jet black, Dirt Modified, the loyal and dedicated crew staring up in disbelief that they had climbed this gargantuan mountain, once thought un-passable. You could already see with the looks on their faces that night, that the wheels in their minds had already begun turning, turning towards the next opportunity to take that illusive checkered flag again.

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A big thanks again to all of you who have given feedback, song suggestions, & any help along the way with this. Have a great day.
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