Debra Todd-Jordan


  2015 Racing Coverage

SC  Carolina                        6/13    Debra J                     Racing

SC  Carolina                        6/6      Debra J                     Racing

SC  Carolina                        5/23    Debra J                     Racing

SC  Carolina                        5/16    Debra J                     Racing

SC  Carolina                        5/2      Debra J                     Racing

SC  Carolina                        4/11    Debra J                     Racing

SC  Carolina                        4/4      Debra J                     Racing

SC  Carolina                        3/28    DebraJ                      Racing

2014 Racing Coverage

SC  Carolina                       10/4    DebraJ                     Racing

SC  Carolina                        9/20   DebraJ                     Racing

SC  Carolina                        9/6     DebraJ                     Racing  

SC  Carolina                        8/30   DebraJ                     Racing

SC  Carolina                        8/16   DebraJ                     Racing

SC  Carolina                        7/27   Debra J                    Racing

SC  Carolina                        7/19   DebraJ                     Racing

SC  Carolina                         7/5    DebraJ                     Racing

SC  Carolina                         6/14   DebraJ                     Racing

SC  Carolina                        5/24    DebraJ                    Racing

SC  Carolina                         5/17   DebraJ                     Racing

SC  Carolina                        5/10   DebraJ                     Racing

SC Carolina                         5/3      DebraJ                   Racing

SC  Carolina                         4/29    DebraJ                   Racing

SC  Carolina                         4/12    DebraJ                   Racing

SC  Carolina                         4/5    DebraJ                  Opening


2014 Racing Coverage

SC  Carolina                         10/19 DebraJ                          Racing


NC  Dublin                               10/12  DebraJ            Ultimate LM

SC  Carolina                         10/5   DebraJ                          Racing

SC  Carolina                          9/28    DebraJ                        Racing

SC  Carolina                          9/14    DebraJ                        Racing

SC  Carolina                          9/7     DebraJ                         Racing

SC  Carolina                          8/31   DebraJ                         Racing

SC  Carolina                          8/24   DebraJ                        Racing

SC  Carolina                          8/10  DebraJ                         Racing

SC  Carolina                          8/03 DebraJ                         Racing

SC  Carolina                          7/27 DebraJ                         Racing

SC  Carolina                          7/20  DebraJ                        Racing

SC  Race Night                       Carolina                     6/8  DebraJ

SC  Race Night                       Carolina                   5/18  DebraJ

SC  Race Night                       Carolina                   4/20  DebraJ

SC  Race Night                       Carolina                  4/13   DebraJ

SC  Opening Night                  Carolina             3/30 By DebraJ 

NC  Fayetteville                      3-9    DebraJ                  Opening

2012 Racing Coverage

Hi ya Race Fans,
This was an incredible year for racing here in South Carolina. I covered 27 events at raceways. I love dirt track racing and my home track is Carolina Speedway in Lake View, SC. I also covered another dirt track, Fayetteville Motor Speedway in Fayetteville, NC. I covered a couple of events on asphalt this year at the Myrtle Beach Speedway in Myrtle Beach, SC. And last but not least I covered a drag strip event at 710 Drag Strip in Rowland, NC. And the Carolina Clash Series was amazing.
I'm looking forward to an even better year this year. My home track will still be at Carolina Speedway in Lake View. I will more than most likely cover some races at Fayetteville and Myrtle Beach this year. But the exciting news is that we have one track re-opening, Dublin Speedway in Dublin, NC. And we have a new track being built in Marion, SC the Swamp Fox Speedway is now under construction. Not to mention our North Myrtle Beach Drag Strip is being re-opened also. 
So it is looking like I'll be one busy racing chic. I hope to bring you a wide variety of racing photo's for the 2013 Season. So lets mix it up, drive it like we stole it, while slinging some dirt, popping wheelie's and burring some rubber. Don't you just love the sounds of racing.
See ya in Victory Lane. I'll be the one with camera. lol
Debra Todd Jordan


Top Photos 2012       Debra                      Racing

Carolina                    10-6  DebraJ                         Racing

Carolina                     9-29  DebraJ                       Racing

Carolina                     9-22  DebraJ                       Racing

Fayetteville                9-15  DebraJ                         Clash

Carolina                     9-1    DebraJ                        Racing

Carolina                     8-25   DebraJ                      Racing

Fayetteville                8-18   DebraJ                        Clash

Carolina                      8-4    DebraJ                      Racing

Myrtle Beach              8-2     DebraJ                   Racing

Carolina                       7-29   DebraJ                   Racing

Myrtle Beach              7-28   DebraJ                       Rain

Myrtle Beach              7-21   DebraJ            Destruction

Carolina                       7-7     DebraJ                   Racing

Carolina                       6-30   DebraJ                   Racing

Carolina                       6-23   DebraJ                   Racing

Carolina                       6-16   DebraJ                   Racing

Carolina                       6-9   DebraJ                    Racing

Carolina                       6-2   DebraJ                    Racing

Carolina                       5-26  DebraJ                   Racing

Carolina                       5-19  DebraJ                   Racing

Carolina                       5-14  DebraJ                   Racing

Carolina                       5-5    DebraJ                   Racing

Carolina                       4-28  DebraJ                   Racing

711 Drag Strip             4-28  DebraJ                    Racing

Carolina                       4-21  DebraJ                    Racing

Carolina                       4-14  DebraJ                    Racing

Carolina Lakeview      4-7    DebraJ                 Opening

Carolina                       4-1    DebraJ         Open House

2011 Racing Coverage

Carolina                      12-4   DebraJ      Drivers Meeting

Loris Bog Off             11-29 DebraJ                  Car Show

Carolina                      10-19 DebraJ                     Awards

Carolina                      10-8  DebraJ                      Racing

Carolina                       8-13   DebraJ                    Racing

Carolina                       6-25  DebraJ                     Racing

Carolina                       6-18  DebraJ                   Racing


Maggie Valley            5-14  DebraJ      HD Bike Rally

Carolina                       5-7   DebraJ                   Racing


Carolina                       4-23  DebraJ                   Racing

Carolina                       4-16  DebraJ                   Racing

Carolina                       4-2    DebraJ                   Racing


Carolina                       3-26   DebraJ                Opening

2010 Racing Coverage


Carolina                 11-14                   Drivers Meeting


Carolina Speedway         DebraJ   2010           Awards

Carolina                 10-2   DebraJ     Awards & Racing


Carolina                 9-25   DebraJ                      Racing

Carolina                 9-18  DebraJ                       Racing

Carolina                 9-4    DebraJ                       Racing


Carolina                  8-28   DebraJ                     Racing

Carolina                   8-21  DebraJ                     Racing

Carolina                   8-14  DebraJ                     Racing

Carolina                   8-7    DebraJ                     Racing


Carolina                            DebraJ                       Video

Carolina                   7-24  DebraJ                     Racing

Carolina                   7-16  DebraJ                     Racing

Carolina                    7-3    DebraJ                    Racing


Oh my... you boys can drive. 6-26-2010

Carolina                    6-26  DebraJ                    Racing

Carolina                    6-19  DebraJ                    Racing

Carolina                    6-5    DebraJ                    Racing


Carolina                    5-28  DebraJ           Then & Now

Carolina                    5-15 DebraJ                     Racing

Carolina                    5-8   DebraJ                     Racing

Carolina                    5-1   DebraJ                     Racing


Carolina                     4-24  DebraJ                      Racing

Carolina                     4-17  DebraJ                      Racing

Carolina                     4-10  DebraJ                      Racing

Carolina Lakeview   4-3    DebraJ                      Racing


Carolina Lakeview   3-27  DebraJ                      Racing




        I would like to say Congratulations to all the 2009 Points Champions,

        Carolina Speedway                   10-3 DebraJ                            Racing


        Carolina Lakeview                   9-26  DebraJ                           Racing

        Carolina Lakeview                   9-12  DebraJ                           Racing

       Carolina Lakeview                    9-5    DebraJ                           Racing


        Carolina Lakeview                    8-28   DebraJ                            Video

        Carolina Lakeview                    8-28   DebraJ                           Racing

        Carolina Lakeview                    8-22   Bridget                          Racing

         Carolina Lakeview                     8-15 DebraJ                            Racing

        Carolina Lakeview                     8-8   DebraJ                              Video

        Carolina Lakeview                     8-8   DebraJ                            Racing

        Carolina Lakeview                     8-1   DebraJ                             Racing



        Carolina Lakeview                     7-25  DebraJ                          Racing

        Carolina Lakeview                     7-18  DebraJ                          Racing

        Carolina Lakeview                     7-18  DebraJ                            Video

        The Carolina Times Newsletter  July 2009

        Carolina Lakeview                    7-11  DebraJ                              Video

        Carolina Lakeview                    7-11  DebraJ                            Racing

        Carolina Lakeview                    7-4    DebraJ                            Racing

        Carolina Lakeview                    7-4    DebraJ                              Video


       June 2009 Newsletter

        Carolina Lakeview                    6-20   DebraJ                              Video

        Carolina Lakeview                    6-20   DebraJ                            Racing

        Carolina Lakeview                    6-13  DebraJ                               Video

        Carolina Lakeview                    6-13  DebraJ                             Racing

        Carolina Lakeview                    6-6    DebraJ                               Video

        Carolina Lakeview                    6-6    DebraJ                             Racing


        Carolina Lakeview                     5-30   DebraJ                              Racing 

        Carolina                                      5-30   DebraJ                              Racing

        Carolina Lakeview                     5-23   DebraJ                              Racing

        Carolina Lakeview                     5-16  DebraJ                               Racing   

        Carolina Lakeview                     5-9    DebraJ                               Racing  

        Carolina Lakeview                    5-2    DebraJ                                Racing


        Carolina Lakeview                    4-25   DebraJ                               Racing


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