Debra Todd-Jordan
Oh my... you boys can drive. 6-26-2010


Oh my... you boys can drive. I went into the tower and took some clips and watched the race. I have not actually watched a full race in 2 years (since I have been doing the photo's). It was awesome.


People if you have not been to Carolina Speedway lately you are missing some good racing, action and drama baby.


Our late model 11 driven by Banjo Duke kissed the wall twice, right in front of me. Dang. Super streets was action packed 14 Josh Williams and 01 Tony Williams were rubbing it up together Josh got a flat tire. Then the action was fired up again between 17 Joe Ward and 19 Buddy Whittington. Ward went for a spin. In the 4 cyl race 7 Chris Gerald came out of turn four and lost it but in trying to recover it he hit the guard railing and water barrels. Dustin Perrit was strolling in the Charger Division all the way to a win. The night was not over after the racing was done.


Let the Protest's begain. First to get protested was 22 Johnny Pridgen who was stroking it for the win in the Late Model Division. Johnny was found legal. The the night was still not over for the second protested car was entering the booth. Bomber car 2 of Bard Harrleson was protested and found legal.  


There was tons more going on I can't write them all down. It was a very exciting night. I had so so so much fun. And they are having the Scorcher 40 this weekend. I just can't wait. How about you? 




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