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BACK   2013 Photos Events By Cher 

FL  East Bay                           2-23  SunshineCher  King of 360

FL  East Bay                           2-22  SunshineCher  King of 360

FL  East Bay                            2-16  SunshineCher       WN LM

FL  East Bay                            2-12  SunshineCher       WN LM

FL  East Bay                            2-9    SunshineCher   WN OWM

2012 Photos Events By Cher

FL  East Bay                                SunshineCher 360 Sprints

FL  East Bay                       2-18  SunshineCher  Lucas LM

FL  East Bay                        2-11  SunshineCher  OWMods

FL  East Bay                        2-4     SunshineCher   NeSmith

2011 Photos Events By Cher


FL  East Bay                       12-10 SunshineCher  Reutimann


FL  East Bay                       4-23 Sunshine Cher        Racing


FL  Champion Matt Haynes East Bay          Sunshine Cher


FL  East Bay                       2-26 SunshineCher       Nesmith

FL  East Bay                       2-19 SunshineCher             360s

FL  East Bay                       2-17 SunshineCher             360s 

FL  East Bay                      2       Cher                  Modifieds

2010 Photos Events By Cher


FL  East Bay                     5-22  Cher                          Racing

FL  East Bay                     2-27  Cher           King of the 360s

FL  East Bay                    2-27  Cher                           Sprints

FL  East Bay                    2-6   Cher                 LateModels

FL  East Bay                    2-4    Cher               LateModels

FL  East Bay                    1        Cher                Modifieds

FL  East Bay                    1-      Cher                  Modifieds



        FL   East Bay                    1-      Cher                  Modifieds



      FL    Eastbay 360 & Mini Sprints    1-31  SunshineCher           Winternationals



      Fl      Eastbay                                    4-12   SunshineCher                        Racing

      FL     FL Clyde Pools Racing Team  


      FL    Eastbay                                       3-29 SunshineCher                        Racing  

      FL    Auburndale                                  3-8   SunshineCher                       Racing


        FL   Ocala                                          2-29 Sunshine Cher         Opening on Dirt

        FL   Crates and Mod lites            SunshineCher           Eastbay Winter Nationals

            Modifieds                                  Sunshine Cher        East Bay Winter National

            Late Models                              Sunshine Cher       East Bay Winter Nationals

            Sprints & Mini Sprints             Sunshine Cher        East Bay Winter Nationals


        IL Cher  with Billy Tuckwell   2002 Regional Champion


        FL   Citrus County                   8-25  SCher                                   Racing

        FL   Aubrundale                       8-11  SCher                                   Racing


        FL    Aubrundale                       6-30  SCher                                   Racing

        FL   Aubrundale                       6-23  SCher                      Fast  Mini Cup

        FL    Auburndale                      6-16  SCher                                    Racing

        FL     East Bay                          6-2   SCher                                    Racing


       FL   Gatornationals                                                  Drag Racing

       FL   East Bay                                                         Racing Photos

       FL   4th Annul Leather and Denim Bikers  Ball

       MN   Deer Creek           5-12          Sunshine Cher           Racing

       MN   Chateau                  5-11          Sunshine Cher           Racing

       IL    Lincoln                     5-6            Sunshine Cher           Racing     


        MN  Deer Creek            4-28         Sunshine Cher            Racing

        MN   Chateau                 4-27-07      Sunshine Cher            Opening                   

        FL    East Bay                 4-19-20-21     Cher  National Late Models



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