2009 Racing Photos

    TX    Dallas                              12-18  Bruce        Texas Racers Auction

    TX    McKinney                       12-12  Bruce  North Texas Kart Nationals

    TX    McKinney                       12-11  Bruce  North Texas Kart Nationals


    TX    Cowtown                           11-28  Bruce                                Racing   

    TX    Kennedale                       11-12 Bruce                Sponsor Seminar

    TX   Grayson Co.                     11-1   Bruce                    Monster Mash


    TX   Grayson Co.                      10-31 Bruce                     Monster Mash

   OK   Lake County                     10-17 Bruce                                   Racing

    TX   Cowtown                            10-11 Bruce                  ASCS Sprint Nat.

    TX   Cowtown                            10-10 Bruce                  ASCS Sprint Nat.


    TX   Kennedale                         10-3   Bruce                                     Racing

    TX   Cowtown                             9-26  Bruce                                     Racing

    TX   Kennedale                          9-18  Bruce                                     Racing

    TX   Thunderbird                        9-5    Burce                                     Racing

    TX   RPM                                   9-4    Bruce                           ASCS Sprints


    TX    Cowtown                             8-29   Bruce                          ASCS Sprints

    TX    Grand Prairie                     8-28   Bruce                                          SST

    TX    Kennedale                          8-15   Bruce                                     Racing

    TX    Boyd                                    8-14  Bruce                                     Racing

            Smiley Sitton II Bu Bruce Koen

    TX   Cowtown                             8-8    Bruce                                      Racing

    TX   RPM Speedway                  8-7    Bruce                                     Racing


    TX   Cowtown                              7-18  Bruce                                    Racing                 


            Smiley Sitton by Bruce Koen

    TX   Kennedale                          7-11   Bruce                                       ASCS

    TX   RPM                                   7-10  Bruce                           ASCS Sprints

    TX   RPM                                   7-10  Bruce                                      Racing

    TX   Grayson County                 7-4   Bruce                                SST Sprints

    TX   Boyd                                   7-3   Bruce                                        Racing

    TX   RPM Speedway                7-2    Bruce                                        Racing


    TX   Grayson Co.                      6-13   Bruce                                        Racing

    TX   Heart of Texas                  6-6    Bruce                                          ASCS


    TX   Thunderbird                       5-30   Bruce                                       Racing

    TX    Heart of Texas                  5-29   Bruce                                       Racing

    TX   Grayson Co. Speedway    5-24    Bruce             North Texas Nationals

    TX   Devils Bowl                       5-23    Bruce                                      Racing

    TX   Grand Prairie                    5-22    Bruce                                       Racing

    TX   Dallas Raceway                5-16  Bruce                                        Opening

    TX   Superbowl                          5-9    Bruce                                         Racing


    TX   Devil's Bowl                      4-25  Bruce                                          Racing

    TX  Grayson Co.                       4-18  Bruce                                          Racing

    TX   Devils Bowl                       4-11  Bruce                       Opening Rain Out


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