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VA Dirt 2012 Photos

VaDirt went to over 30 races across five different states in 2012, and some of his work was featured in the Chili Bowl annual program. 2013 is a little more ambitious, with hopes of some new tracks and new states being added to his travels. Look for him at YOUR track.

USA Top 50 Photos             2012   VADirt                   Racing


NC  Clary's Speedway     11-17  VADirt            Re-Opening

NC  County Line               11-10 VADirt            Race 4 Kids

DE  Georgetown                 10-13 VADirt                   Racing

MD  Potomac                  10-6  VADirt               Sm.Car Nats.

VA  Winchester               9-22  VADirt           Winchester 200

VA  VMS                         9-15  VADirt            USA100 Lucas

MD  Potomac                      9-7    VADirt               ChampNite

VA  VMS                            9-2    VADirt            Champ Nite

NC  County Line               8-25   VADirt                      Racing

VA  VMS                            8-18  VADirt             Scout Night

VA  Potomac                     8-17  VADirt                      Racing

VA  Hampton                      8-11 VADirt  Boats Cup Regatta

VA  VMS                            8-4   VADirt                      Racing

MD  Potomac                     7-27  VADirt      VanMeter Mem

VA  County Line                7-28  VADirt                      Racing

VA  East Side                     7-6   VADirt                      Racing

MD  Potomac                     7-3    VADirt              Firecracker

VA  Winchester             6-23 VADirt                URC Sprints

VA  VMS                       6-9   VADirt                         Racing

VA  VMS                       6-2    VADirt                        Racing

DE  Delaware Int.              5-31  VADirt                        WoO

VA  VMS                       5-19                                      Racing 

MD  Potomac                      5-18  VADirt    ARDC Midgets

VA  VMS                       5-12                                      Racing

VA  Women in Racing Johanna Long                 By VADirt

VA  VMS                        4-24  VADirt          Opening Night

VA  VMS                        4-14  VADirt  Commonwealth 100

VA  Winchester                  3-31   VADirt               Opening

MD  Potomac                       3-23   VADirt                 Racing

MD Potomac                       3-16    VADirt              Opening

NC  County Line                 3-10    VADirt              Opening

OK  Chili Bowl                        1       VADirt   Around t/ Expo

OK  Chili Bowl                        1       VADirt      Cars & Stars

OK  Chili Bowl                        1       VADirt      Track Action


VA Dirt 2011 Photos


NC  The Dirt Track               11-5  VADirt         WoO Finals

NC  The Dirt Track               11-4  VADirt         WoO Finals

NC  The Dirt Track               11-3  VA Dirt        WoO Finals



DE  Delaware Int.               10-23 VADirt         State Champ

MD  Potomac                       10-1  VADirt          Sm. Car Nat.


VA  Eastside                         9-24  VADirt                     Racing

VA  VMS                              9-18  VADirt         Lucas Oil LM

VA  Winchester                    9-17  VADirt         Lucas Oil LM

NC  Countyline                     9-10  VADirt                      Mods

MD  Potomac                       9-4    VADirt                   Racing

VA  Old Dominion                9-3    VADirt   Legends Reunion


VA  VMS                               8-20  VADirt                     Racing

VA  Winchester                     8-13  VADirt     ARDC  Midgets

NC  County Line                   8-6    VADirt                    ARDC


VA  VMS                           7-23  VADirt                    Ultimate

VA  Winchester                 7-22  VADirt                      Racing

NC  County Line                   7-16  VADirt                   Racing

NC  County Line                   7-16                          Track Visit

VA  VMS                           7-9    VADirt              Steel Block


VA VMS                            6-25  VADirt                      Racing

VA  Virginia                        6-18  VADirt                  WoOLM

MD  Potomac                       6-10  VADirt                   Racing


VA  VMS                            5-28  VADirt                      Racing

VA  East  Side                    5-21  VADirt                      Racing

MD  Potomac                       5-13  VADirt                   Racing


VA  Richmond                    4-28  VADirt    Hamlin Showdown

VA VMS                             4-23  VADirt        Opening Night

VA  VMS                            4-15 17 VADirt             WoOLM

VA  Winchester                  3-26   VADirt      Opening Night

MD Potomac                       3-18  VADirt      Opening Night


NC  County Line                 2-26  VADirt      Opening Night


OK  Something Sad                     VADirt     Tulsa Speedway

OK  Chili Bowl                             VADirt     Sights & Sounds

OK  Chili Bowl                             VADirt          Stars & Cars


VA Dirt 2010 Photos


NC  NASCAR                11-6   VaDirt       Hall of Fame

NC  The Dirt Track        11-6  VADirt                   Final

NC  The Dirt Track        11-6  VADirt            Sat Part 1

NC  The Dirt Track        11-5  VADirt                    Rain

NC  The Dirt Track        11-4   VADirt                  Finals


VA  VMS                        10-22 VADirt              Champions


VA  VMS                        9-18  VADirt          Lucas Oil LM 

VA Winchester             9-17   VADirt        LucasOilLM

MD  Potomac                  9-6     VADirt                      Racing

VA  VMS                        9-4    VADirt                      Racing


VA  VMS                        8-28  VADirt                      Racing

VA  VMS                        8-14  VADirt                      Racing

VA VMS                        8-7      VADirt                     Racing

MD  Potomac                  8-6      VADirt        3 States Flyers



VA  Winchester              7-24    VA Dirt        3 State Flyers

MD  Potomac                           7-23  VADirt       3 States Flyers

VA  VMS                         7-17   VADirt                    Racing

VA  Langley                     7-10   VADirt                   Racing

VA  Winchester Museum  Of Motor Racing          VADirt

VA  Winchester                7-3    VADirt                    Racing


VA  VMS                          6-26  VADirt                    Racing


MD  Potomac                  5-30 VADirt                     Racing

VA  Langley                     5-29 VADirt                       USAR

VA  VMS                         5-15  VADirt          WoO Sprints

DE  Deleware Int.           5-13   VADirt               WoO LM

VA  Winchester               5-8    VaDirt                    Racing


VA  VMS                         4-17  VADirt                  WoO LM

VA  VMS                         4-16  VADirt  Commonwealth 100


MD  Hagerstown              3-27  VADirt        Superdirt Mods

MD  Potomac                    3-19   VADirt                   Winners

MD  Potomac                    3-19   VA Dirt                  Opening


OK  Chili Bowl                  1         VADirt                        Cars

OK  Chili Bowl                  1         VADirt                    Drivers

OK  Chili Bowl                  1         VADirt                      Sights






    NC   The Dirt Track                           11-7   VaDirt         WoO Finals 1

    NC   Lowes                                          11-7   VaDirt                Racing


    PA    Williams Grove                       10-3   VaDirt                             Nationals


    VA    Virginia Motor Speedway         9-5  VaDirt                                 Racing

    VA    Virginia Motor Speedway         9-5  VaDirt                          Champions

    VA    Virginia Motor Speedway         9-5  VaDirt                              Winners


    VA    Virginia Motor Speedway          8-8  VaDirt                             Rain Out


    VA    Virginia Motor Speedway        7-25   VaDirt                              Winners

    VA   Virginia Motor Speedway        7-25   VaDirt                                Racing

    MD Potomac                                     7-24   LarrB                               Winners

    MD  Potomac                                    7-24   LarrB                                 Racing

    VA   Langley                                     7-11  LarrB                                Winners

    VA   Langley                                     7-11  LarrB               Hampton Heat 200

    VA   Winchester                               7-4    LarrB                                   Racing

    VA   Winchester                               7--4   LarrB                                 Winners

    VA   Trackside Photos                                                                     Winchester


    VA   Richmond                                    6-26   LarrB                                    IRL

    VA   Richmond                                    6-27   LarrB                                 USAC

    VA   Richmond                                    6-26   LarrB                                    IRL

    VA   Richmond                                    6-26   LarrB                                 USAC


    VA    VMS                                          5-23   LarrB                        WoO Sprints


    VA   VMS                                            4-18   LarrB                             WOOLM


    MD   Potomac                                  3-21   LarryB                             Opening


    OK   Chili Bowl                                1-17   VaDirt                               SAT

    OK   Chili Bowl                                1-16   VaDirt                               FRI

    OK   Chili Bowl                                1-17   VaDirt                         THURS

   OK   Chili Bowl                                  1-16   VaDirt                            WED




        Dublin                                      11-28 VaDirt                           Racing

        North Carolina Motorsports Hall Of Fame         VA Dirt

        The Dirt Track                       11-1  LarryB                       WoO Finals


        The Dirt Track                      10-31 LarryB                       WoO Finals


 Virginia Motor Speedway Track Champions

      Southern National                 9-13  VADirt                                    Racing


      Georgetown                           8-31  LarryB                                    Racing 

      Langley                                 8-23   LarrB                                Twin 100's

      Virginia Motor Speedway    8-22   LarryB                                    Racing

       Virginia Motor Speedway    8-9    LarryB                                 USA 100

        Virginia Motor Speedway    8-9    LarryB     USA 100 Support Classes

        Virginia Classic Cruise         8-2    VADirt                                Cruise In


        Virginia Motor Speedway     7-19   LarryB                            $25,000 2nd

        Hammer Down                       7-12  VADirt                                 Racing 

         Virginia Motor Speedway     7-4    LarryB                                  Rain Out


        Richmond                               6-28  LarryB                      James River 100

        Richmond                               6-28   LarryB                          IRL Sun Trust

        Richmond                               6-27  LarryB  USAC  Silver Crown & Sprints

        Richmond                               6-27   LarryB                     IRL Qualifying

        Dixieland                                6-21   LarryB                                  Racing

        Virginia Motor Speedway     6-14    LarryB                                    Macs

        First Impressions          Clary’s Speedway, North Carolina

        Clary's Speedway                 6-7   LarryB                                 Racing


        Virginia Motor Speedway     5-24   LarryB                         WoO Sprints

        First Impressions                                                     Langley 

        Langley                                  5-17  LaryB                                    Racing

        First Impressions                                                    Potomac

        Potomac                                  5-9    LarryB                35th Anniversary


        Virginia Motor Speedway     4-19  LarryB                                Racing

        Virginia Motor Speedway     4-12  LarryB             Rumble in the Dirt


        Virginia Motor Speedway     3-29   LarryB                             Opening


VA Dirt

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