Dealers Wanted
Our Dealers Wanted Program Can Increase your Dealer Base

       As the  reporters go to tracks across the country they have  contact with many racing retailers, and the  dealers that run  the parts trailers, at the race tracks.  Our Dealers Wanted programs  can put you in direct contact with many of these dealers. We have TWO programs for companies that want to increase their dealer base.

Dealers Wanted Page

The link to  Dealers Wanted page is on the front page of It has a animated graphic to attract attention. Check it out by clicking the link.  Your banner ad can link to your website, or a page telling about your dealer program. This ad will get Nationwide exposure for your company.  We will promote this page several times, through out the year, on over 100 racing bulletin boards across the country. This ad will be up all year.

The cost  for the Dealers Wanted ad  $299 for the year.  One new dealer will pay for the ad.

Personal Contact Program.

We are making a Dealers Wanted book. This book will be delivered to 50 Dealers running parts trailers, at race tracks, across the county. The book will contain your business card and a personal letter from you telling why they should do business with you. You will receive the name and phone # of the dealers, and the state and the track where he sells his products, so you can make a follow up call.

You supply the letters and business cards. supplies the leg work. 

Distribution of the book will be April and May. FL, SC, NC, VA, NY, IN, IL, KY, CO, MO, OK, TX,  and LA are a partial list of states where the books will be distributed.

The price for this program is $499 

If you purchase both the ad on the Dealer Only page and the Personal Contact Program  the total price is $599 for the year

This program will work for you. You only have to get one  NEW Dealer to make this  program profitable for you.

The banner ad is 350 X 75  We can make the ad for you at no charge or you can have your graphics person make the ad.  We will link the ad to your website or your dealer information page.

We can put your company in front of 1000,s of NEW Customers is the LARGEST website featuring Local Racing

Below is a growth chart for the site. We have been promoting racing for 10 years. We would like to promote your business.

 Imagine the growth possibilities for You. Lets grow together.




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