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writeup for 4-18-08


Mileback Speedway got the Friday night racing action under way with the hobby main event. KC Caldwell and Hayden Godfrey led the field to the green flag. Godfrey was able to get the early lead over Caldwell going into turn one. Mart Patterson made his way quickly to second from the fourth starting spot. Caldwell slipped back to the third spot. Michael Lyons was able to get by Keith Charping for the fifth spot. Patterson gained on leader Hayden Godfrey and took the lead coming out of turn four. Godfrey made many attempts to get the lead back but was unable to make the pass. Michael Lyons who had a strong car all night long had mechanical problems that took him from the event. When the checkered flag fell it was Mart Patterson taking the win. The finish was Mart Patterson, Hayden Godfrey second, Justin McJunkin third, Keith Charping fourth, Gene Tucker fifth, KC Caldwell sixth, Larry Boggs seventh, and Michael Lyons eighth.

The Renegade main started with Carl Watkins and Timmy Smith leading the field to the green flag. The two leaders battled side by side in turn one for the lead before Timmy Smith took the lead going down the back straightaway. William Young gained on Donald Alexander for the fifth position, while Timmy Smith stretched out his lead. Terry Seay pressured Donald Alexander for the third position. William Young who had been gaining positions experienced mechanical trouble which took him from the race. The checkered flag would go to Timmy Smith. The finish was Timmy Smith, Carl Watkins second, Donald Alexander third, Terry Seay fourth, Dylan Chappell fifth, Dwight Smith sixth, William Young seventh, and Allen Eubanks eighth.

The Front Wheel Drive main event got under way with Adam Hallman and Scott Smothers leading the field to the green. Dale Stete took the early lead while Scott Smothers settled into second. Scott Smothers slipped back to third while Dale Stete kept the lead. Scott Smothers made a daring move in turn one with two laps to go to take the lead and the win. The finish was Scott Smothers, Dale Stete second, John Smothers third, and Adam Hallman fourth.

The Young Gun main event started with Daniel Alvarez and Brandon Summers leading the field to the green flag. Summers took the early lead while Brian Lambert who started third took second place from Daniel Alvarez. Samantha Hodges then moved up to the third position. Chris Patterson put the pressure on Hodges for third. Daniel Alvarez fought his way back up to the second spot to put pressure on the leader Brandon Summers but ran out of time. The finish was Brandon Summers, Brian Lambert second, Daniel Alvarez third, Chris Patterson fourth, and Samantha Hodges fifth.

The Limited Late Model feature got under way with Brad Rachels and Ernest Steifle leading the field to the green. Brad Rachels took the lead but Ernest Steifle battled on the inside of Rachels in turn two to take the lead. Travis Knight pulled the slide job on Brad Rachels coming out of turn four to take second spot away from Rachels. Dustin Morrison then put the pressure on Rachels for third but couldn’t complete the pass. Steifle pulled away while the battle resumed between Morrison and Rachels. When the checkered flag fell it was Ernest Steifle taking the victory by over a half straightaway. The finish was Ernest Steifle Travis Knight second, Brad Rachels third, Dustin Morrison fourth, Dean Barnett fifth, and Michael Owensby sixth.

The Super Late Model main event which is always filled with excitement stood up to its reputation as two of the fastest cars of the night started on the front row. David Smith started on the pole with Brett Williamson starting on the outside pole. Smith jumped out to the early lead with Williamson settling into the second spot. Colby Cannon got by Bruce Bullard for the third position in turn two. Tony Quarles pressured Jim Blackwell hard for the sixth position. Larry Timms drove Bruce Bullard hard for the fourth position but wasn’t able to get by and lost two positions in the process. Colby Cannon was able to get by Brett Williamson for the second position then started to reel in leader David Smith. Tony Quarles got by Jim Blackwell for sixth, but a crash took the two competitors from the event. When the race resumed it was once again David Smith leading the field with Colby Cannon only a car length behind. Bruce Bullard caught up to third place Brett Williamson but could not complete the pass. Williamson was able to drive away from Bullard and catch second place Colby Cannon and take the spot away. When the checkered flag fell it was David Smith taking the checkered flag. The finish was David Smith, Brett Williamson second, Bruce Bullard third, Colby Cannon fourth, Larry Timms fifth, Randy Adams sixth, and Kevin Baker seventh.


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