Colorado Racing Photos

  2015 Colorado Racing Photos

        I-76                                   7/4   Monte              Racing           

2/13                             Goose                          RC Cars

      Denver             2/5    Monte       Furniture Row Media Day

2014 Colorado Racing Photos

Greeley                         6/20    Goose                    CarShow

Loveland                       6/7       Goose                GoodGuys

Colorado Springs          4/12     Goose                  CarShow

Denver                           4/12    Goose                  CarShow



2013 Colorado Racing Photos

I-76                                 10/5  Goose                   BGR Wins

Colorado                          9/22 Goose                      Carshow

I-76 Speedway                 9/1   Goose                          URSS

I-76 Speedway                 9/1   Goose                   Vid URSS

CNS                                 8/31  Goose                        Mains

CNS                                 8/31  Goose           Pits&HotLaps

Bike Show                       8/31  Goose   Thunder in Rockies    

Pikes Peak Int                 6/29 Goose                              Pits

USAC                               Pikes Peak Int            6/29 Goose

 Race Night Main            Phillips Co.                  5/26 Goose

 Heats & Pits                    Phillips Co                   5/26 Goose

Denver                              3-23  Goose            Auto Show

35th Annual                       2-2   Robin  Motorcycle Show

35th Annual                       2-2   Goose Motorcycle Show

CO Racers Show              1-26  Robin                     Show

CO Racers Show              1-26  Goose                    Show

Show                                  1-26  Robin                     Show

Furniture Row                   1-24  Goose          Media Day

Kurt Busch                        1-24  Goose  Video Interview

Furniture Row                   1-14  Monte         Media Day

2012 Colorado Racing Photos

Thunder N Rockies 9-2    Goose                 Bike Show

CNS                          7-21  Robin                        Racing

CNS                          7-21  Goose                          Main

CNS                          7-21  Goose               Pits&Heats

I-76 Speedway                6-1    Goose                   URSS

I-76 Speedway                6-1    Robin                    URSS

I-76 Speedway                6-1    Goose                   URSS

Regan Smith                    2-7    Goose    Furniture Row

Co. Trade Show               1-28  Robin                    Show

Co. Trade Show               1-28  Goose                   Show

2011 Colorado Racing Photos


Auction                          10-15 Goose              CarShow

Regan Smith              7-10   Monte  Autograph Session

 Regan Smith               7-9     Robin                 Autograph



I-76 Speedway           4-17   Robin              Test n Tune


Ready to Go               3-30  Goose       6g Brian Gossel

Tweaking                    3-26  Robin        6g Brian Gossel

Getting Ready            3-13  Robin        6g Brian Gossel


Regan Smith               2-2   Goose      Video Interview

All Pro Racing            2-1    Monte               Shop Visit

Furniture Row             2-1    Monte            Media Day

# 78 Car Interview      2-2    Goose                      Video

            #78 Farm America      2-2    Monte                       Show


Boulder Co.                 1-22 Robin                  Car Show

Chili Bowl Test           1-8    Goose            Racing Test

2010 Colorado Racing Photos


RC Speedway Northglenn Goose                      Racing


Fall in the Mountains         Goose                      Beauty

Ft Collins                   8-28   Robin                  Car Show

Russ Cummings                   Goose           Checker Flag

I-76                             8-21   Goose            Action Main

I-76                             8-21   Robin                      Racing

I-76                             8-21   Goose                      URSS

I-76                             8-21   Monte                    Racing  


I-76                             7-28   Goose            H J Norman

CNC                           7-16  CarolM                   Racing



Loveland                    6-6    Goose     Good Guys Show


Loveland                    6-6    Goose     Good Guys Show

CNS                            5-29  Robin                      Racing

I-76 Ft. Morgan        5-      Monte                      Racing

I-25 Puebelo              5-16  Robin                       Racing

I-25 Pueblo                5-16  Goose                      Racing

CMP                          5-8    Goose                      Racing

Colorado MP             5-8    Robin                      Racing

Ft. Collins                   5-8    Goose                Car Show


              Colorado Racers      1-23  Goose          Trade & Swap

Colorado Racers      1-22  Goose          Trade & Swap

Ice racing                  1-9    Goose                       Mains

Ice Racing                1-9    Goose                     Round 2

Ice Racing                1-9    Goose                     Round 1

The Park                  1-9    Goose          Rules Meeting


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