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Become a part of the Team

Join the team and become part of the exciting world of racing media. is the largest website on the net dedicated to local weekly racing. The purpose and goal of is to promote local racing. tracks, events, drivers and the people involved in racing.

You could become a Contributor.  Someone who would help us get information at and about their home track, and wants to see their racers get more exposure.   

Basically what YOU would do is: 1. Take pictures of the drivers  and events, and interview drivers at your home track.  2. See if we can help the promoter.  3. Watch the races. 4. Make sure we get the news and results from the track.  5. Send the pictures and interviews to LuvRacin in order for the driver pages to be made.  Up  load the photos of the event and send us the link.  6. Make post on local bulletin boards to promote the events and drivers and the site. Thatís it! 

You could become a Reporter.

You will become part of the racing media. As a member of the working media You will get in the tracks for Free.  If you have the habit as bad as I do this could really help your budget.  Reporters cover several tracks, and Special Events.  Each track needs to be worked 4 or 5 times a year. .  Our Reps travel all over the USA covering races, from your home track, to NASCAR. You will become a part of the Team, and see the respect that our promotion of local tracks and local drivers gets in the racing industry.

Basically what you would do is the same as a contributor but you are covering several tracks and more events. 

You could become a Manager and help us develop a state or region. 

With our Advertising program, you can develop a great income for your self. If you are interested in full time career in racing or  a part-time job for extra racing money we would like to talk to you.   

For an interview send your Name, State, Home Track and Phone number and a brief note saying why you are interested in working with, and what you can contribute,  to . Put the words Promote Racing  in the subject line. We will call for a time to talk. We can answer any questions you have at that time.

LuvRacin and You 

Roger Bathe  Editor






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