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By Bruce Koen


Roger Bathe and I had the privilege of visiting Bret Young’s Performance Transmissions shop in Kennedale, Texas.

With good ‘ol Texas hospitality, we were invited to have lunch with Bret and his staff. Bret’s favorite place for noontime replenishment is the famous “Pit Stop Café,” located only a short distance from his shop.

 I’ve never been in an eating establishment that is totally geared, or themed toward racing like the Pit Stop. From the minute you enter the door you are greeted with every wall, nook and cranny totally covered in pictures of just about every type of racing known to man. If it isn’t an old photograph, you’ll see a racing poster. Both drag racing and oval racing are represented very well. The friendly wait staff at the Pit Stop wear racing t-shirts as a part of their unique uniforms. But hold on… 

That isn’t what makes this well kept Kennedale secret so amazing. It is the people inside. Most of the clientele are generally composed of people that are somehow involved in racing. Whether you are a racer or not, the food is good and at a decent price. And of course, the conversations are somehow always connected with racing. Who ran where? How did they finish? Who broke what? And what are they going to do about it? Who is making the most horsepower, and so on. If someone has a few minutes to just listen, they might learn a thing or two that will help out their racing program, and avoid some mistakes that were made at another racer’s expense. The experience for me was very enlightening and quite educational. And the unique part is, these conversations happen on a daily basis inside this local café, and it is accepted as normal daily life in Kennedale.  

Now, let’s get on to the rest of the story. Bret has been in business for over thirteen years as the owner of the Performance Transmissions shop.  Transmissions were not a new interest to Bret at the time the business opened. He personally has twenty-nine years of experience in the business.  Bret’s dad Roger, told me that one afternoon after school as a high school teenager, Bret walked into his transmission business and asked to go to work. The likelihood of a person in their teens sticking with just one thing is rare, however, Bret showed a great deal of talent in this area, and that has brought him to where he is today. With an additional staff of four, Bret and his men have a total of 117 years of transmission experience and helping the public keep on going. Most importantly, they do quality work for a fair price. 

Performance Transmissions can service all domestic and most foreign transmissions. Their average turn-around time after receiving your vehicle for repair is a day and a half. Occasionally, some circumstances will require two days on all electrically controlled transmissions.  As some may guess, this is exceptionally fast for transmission repair. Once again, I will mention fair price, because Performance Transmissions will furnish you with the needed parts, or allow you to bring in your own parts. In most cases, this is unheard of because, as we know, additional money can be made on the mark-up of parts to be used. This mark up is a fair business practice in the industry, but Bret does not want price to keep you from going down the road having a good transmission in your vehicle. With Performance Transmissions, your transmission will be back to OEM specs in no time.  

Whether your need for racing is oval application, or drag racing, Performance Transmissions has this area well covered. With an on-site transmission dynamometer, your transmission will be tested and error free before it is ever installed. This machine sets Performance Transmissions ahead of 95% of most transmission shops because it helps them see and fix a problem before you ever do. They are also distributors and installers of “racer-used” BTE and JW Performance transmission parts. 

Bret at Performance Transmissions is also a racer. He started his racing career in 1998. Yes, he’s had his share of ups and downs during that time. While chasing after the “big win” several years ago, his car became totally engulfed with flames. The car was toasted, but Bret walked away. He’s thankful for the nights he can campaign his #69 modified, and it will roll back on to the trailer without help from the tow truck.

 Bret’s racing career has helped to develop information that is used in his shop for your transmission. Not only is Bret a racer, but, so are the staff of men that work for him. They are very high profile in the racing community because they concentrate on what they sell. For every one else’s benefit, these men also race what they sell. This is important. This leaves you, the customer, knowing you have the best money can buy.

Every racer knows you need a great engine guy to make the horse-power in a racecar. But every engine guy needs a great transmission guy to help put those ponies to the axles. With these talented men looking toward high performance racing action on a weekly basis, you can rest assured of their  combined 117 years of experience going into your transmission. They know what works, and what doesn’t. Once again, here is quality work and great parts at a fair price. And they can make you go fast! How can you loose!  Have questions? Here’s how to get your answers. 

Bret and his staff, (Michael, Kenny, Joe, or Jason) can be contacted at: 

Performance Transmissions


917 E. Kennedale Parkway

Kennedale, TX 76060








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