National Advertising  Packages

 $   4 Add Packages that will $AVE you Money   $

This is what they look like. Size and Cost What you get for your money.
Supporter Biz Listing Add Nation wide exposure. Added Power with the search engines. Associate Branding. First chance at Feature and Events. Guaranteed Add Renewal and Price
350 x 75
$300 per Year
The Feature Package The Feature This package includes Your add on the Feature Page of your choice for a year, and a Supporter Biz Listing add. 
Size Your Choice
$ 150 Per Month
Double Down Package  Double Down Your add appears on 4 feature pages. With the double down package you double your add buy. but you get 4 Feature adds instead of two. you also get a Supporter Biz Listing add. You cut the price of your feature adds in 1/2.
Size Your Choice
$300 per Mo.
The 500 Package


The 500 Your ad appears on 4 feature pages, on Supporter Biz Listing add and you get 50 side button adds.  Complete Coverage.
$ 500 per Month
$   Racing is not only Fun It is Profitable   $









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