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  Picture at Twin Cities  Speedway


Daniel Sallee


Daniel is from Elizabethtown In. He drivers Street Stocks at Twin Cities his home track. and Brownstown.

Daniel started racing in 1975 in a street stock at North Vernon.  He had always liked racing , and he supports the "poor mans way to have fun." He got his first win his rookie year at North Vernon.

Daniel has had "about 297 heat wins , about 400 consi wins, and 400 feature wins " in his career. 

He won the track championship at North Vernon in a street stock from 79-84. "That was #70 Dan Sallee just having some fun."

2001 highlights "Scottsburg side by side racing with my best friend the 14j. 8 laps, he made me sweat a little.  B-town led for 11 laps and going for the checker the #2 place passes me at the flag.

In 2006 Dan was the track Champion at Twin Cities. In 2007 he was 2 points from second.

The thrill of racing for Dan is "coming off the turn with 2 other people beside of you."

His greatest racing thrill was "watching a friend flip a car I build for him and he came back and won."

Greatest racing accomplishment? "knowing how it makes people feel."

When ask of his goals he said "My goals are done and I am just having fun."

Lisa Sallee is my wife and the best tire changer there is . She helps me build the cars and letters them. I want to thank the friends than help.




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