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Whitney Poole


One could say that racing is in her blood, and that wouldn't be far from the mark, Whitney Poole has been around racing all of her life. Her Granddad raced, her Dad, Randy raced, her Mom, Kim raced, and she even spent vacations racing against her cousins. It started out as a fun way to spend time with her family, yet it wasn't long before Whitney knew that racing was something more to her, and she soon realized it was something she hungered for,  and the hunger could not be quenched with out a car.

Randy, known for his pranks, pulled one on Whitney when he told her he had bought her a mini stock for her Homecoming...He hadn't, he had bought her a sportsman that she had her eye on and surprised her with it! Most young women would prefer something a tad more feminine, not Whitney! She was thrilled! And she couldn't wait to race that car!



"It's a fun, exciting sport that requires a team effort, you won't get very far without teamwork. If the fans are excited, as a driver, you know you're providing good entertainment. It's not just driving in circles, but which driver makes it more exciting by their moves on the track."
At the age of 10 Whitney made her debut at St. Lucie Speedway in a kart, now she has driven a sportsman and a protruck and has earned some respectable finishes.

Not long ago Whitney found herself with a dilemma, she wanted to go race, but her parents were on a cruise, and her pit crew all had prior obligations...what to do? Easy for her...Just haul the race truck to the track, be your own crew and hope everyone else's spotters are on their game! And that's exactly what Whitney Poole did! She got advice by phone, made the adjustments on her pit stops and climbed back in the driver's seat and raced! Quite a feat for any racer!



Watching Whitney race, a race fan can't help but admire the moves of the black and pink 00 as it makes its way through the pack of trucks. "Starting in the back, coming to the front, passing back and forth, acting crazy gets my blood pumping!"Whitney said.

Apparently so because Whitney Poole is EXCITEMENT!

The 2011 season has found Whitney Poole Motorsports has gone through some changes and hopes these are for the best interest of her team. They have all worked very hard to accomplish what they have gained to date and sponsorships are needed more than ever.
Whitney Poole has a can do attitude, and knows how to handle a race truck, her skill, her driving style, and attitude would be an asset to any team.

Whitney has a strong sense of giving back to others when she can, and over Easter weekend she participated in Punta Gorda Speedway's Racing to End Hunger Charity Event and making, and donating 50 Easter baskets stuffed with school supplies, candy, toothbrushes, and toys.

Way to Go Whitney Poole and the 00 team!


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