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This is my son Kevin Cedric ( K.C.) Price and his Wife Kristen ( George ) Price . They was married on March 6th of 2010 .

    Here is a little about my son . At a very young age we bought him a go-cart he was so small he couldn't reach the peddles on it. so we had to put a pillow on the floor of it cause they was no way he could sit on seat and push the peddles.

    His grand mother said we was trying to kill the kid being so youngon. One, if I remember right he was like 3 years old .. he would fly up and down the little gravel road from our house to his pawpaws house and do a donut in there drive way, and come back to our house do a donut, and it was on the floor!  At the age of 6 or 7 he was calling his self racing and come up on the bank of the road and rolled his go-cart . Thank goodness he had a helmat on cause the roll bar hit it . Needless to say I seen it all .  I was screaming for his dad . and it was like in slow mo.  When I seen it start flipping he hung on for the first end over end, but off for the end two. Cam to a stop standing straight up . with the motor still running ..

     He grow up around his dad racing watch his dad build and working on his race .  I don't think he missed a summer NOT going to the race track . So, guess you can say its in his blood .

     He started racing in what they called the bomber class at DPS .. ran it a couple of years . On his last year in the bomber class his dad had a modified, so him and his dad was racing at the track .  Then one night after the races he asked his dad could he please take the modified out on the track and see how it drove

     After a couple 3 laps he got it into the wall .. we thought he was hurt .. he came and I asked him if he was ok , he said NO DADDY going to kill me .. with tears in his eyes .. for a min. I thought he was hurt .

     After that year, needless too say, he was racing Daddy's Modified . He is still Mom's favorite driver in the world # 66 K.C. Price from a little town in Arkansas  called Antione , Ar.

      Now he is a married man with a baby girl ..  with work and the baby girl it keeps him from the track .. but you just wait, I can see him back in the #66, that's in his Dads shop just waiting for the day he gets back in it  :)

   And I have to say that was one thing that kept my son off the drugs and drinking .. cause on Saturday nights you would know where to find him, at DPS . I would like to tell people this is the best thing that could have happen to my son growing up . And his Dad Kevin was the best, made sure his car was ready to go on Saturday nights even if he had worked all day Saturday and pull up in the yard hook the trailer to his truck and to DPS they went ...

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