Pennsylvania Racing  Photos   


2015 Photos and Features

                Port Royal              10/24             VA Dirt                  Mid Atlantic Mods

      Port Royal              10/24           VA Dirt                    WoO Sprints


2013 Photos and Features

Lernerville                        10/26 Racin4Life        Stampede

PPMS                               10/12 Racin4Life     Pittsburgher

Williams Grove               10/5 Racing4Life         Nat. Open

Williams Grove               10/4 Racing4Life         Nat. Open

Roaring Knob                   9/2 Racing4Life $20,000 2/wLM

Eriez                                  8/18Racin4Life                Racing

Race Night                        Penn Can                  6/23 Chase

Clash at the Can               Penn Can                   6/12 Chase

Eastern Storm                  Port Royal                 6/8 VADirt

WoO Sprints                     Williams Grove  5/18 ShortStuff

WoO Sprints                     Williams Grove  5/17 ShortStuff

Race Night                       Selinsgrove                5/11 Chase

Race Night                       WilliamsGrove         5/3 Brandon

Race Night                       Port Royal              4/13 Brandon

Racing                              Williamsgrove        4/12 Brandon



           2012 Photos & Features

                Eastern Motorsports Museum                       Shortstuff                   

Williams Grove        9-29    Shortstuff            Nat Open

Williams Grove        9-28    Shortstuff               Prelems

Grandview                 9-19   Chase               Freedom 76

Lernerville                 8-31  Shortstuff                AllStars

Penn-Can                      7-22 Chase                      Racing

Port Royal                            ShortStuff          TrackVisit

Selinsgrove                          ShortStuff         Track Visit

Selinsgrove                  7-8   ShortStuff    PA Sprint Wk.

Port Royal                    7-7   ShortStuff    PA Sprint Wk.

Williams Grove            7-6   ShortStuff   PA Sprint Wk.

Williams Grove            7-5    ShortStuff   PA Sprint Wk.

Pen-Can                        6-29  Chase                     Racing

Thunder Mountain      5-25   Chase                    Racing

Penn-Can                     5-18   Chase                    Racing

Williams Grove           5-12   ShortSS                     Wo0

Roaring Knob              5-12   JonA                     Double

Williams Grove           5-11   ShortSS                    WoO

I-88 Speedway             5-11   Chase                   Racing

PPMS                           5-5     JonA        Penn Nationals   

Penn-Can                     4-20   BrianC                  Opener

Roaring Knob              4-20   JonA                 Lucas Oil

Selinsgrove                  3-17   Chase           Ice Breaker

Lincoln                          2-26 JFish              Ice Breaker

2011 Racing Photos


Lincoln                         7-13   JFish             ROC Sprints

Selinsgrove                  3-19  JFish                IceBreaker

Selinsgrove                  3-18  JFish                IceBreaker

Lincoln                          3-5   JFish                IceBreaker

Mercer                        1-8    Frank Wilson     Jack Frost

2010 Racing Photos

Penn Can                 8-10   JFish                        Racing

     Grandview              6-15   JFish                     Super Dirt        

Penn-Can                6-8    JFish                   ROC  Mods

Selinsgrove              3-20-21  JFish      ROC Mod Tour




        Williams Grove                       10-3   VaDirt                             Nationals


        Big Diamond                            4-25  JFish                                    DirtCar


        Selinsgrove                              3-21    JFish   Dirt Mods Race of Champ


        Lincoln                                     2-28   JFish                                    Opener



        Big Diamond                            8-15   JFish                                     Racing

        Lernerville                                8-9    FrankWilson                         Racing

        Grandview                                8-2       JFish    Forrest Rogers Memorial


        Penn-Can                                  7-29     JFish                     Modifieds

        Lernerville                      7-29   Wilson Photos           Firecracker 100

        Lernerville                      7-17    Wilson Photos           WoO Sprints Flips


        Lernerville                      4-12      Dan Flennel             WoO Late Models


        Selinsgrove                      3-15      JFish        Race of Champions Dirt Mods


        Williams Grove            10-14-15   Jay Fish            Dirt Mods

        Mercer                                            Steve Witton                  Racing


       NST                                              7-15                             Tri City    


Pennsylvania Racing  Photos 

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