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2014 Events and Coverage

IN  CJ Rayburn                  12/13   LRRog             Shop Visit

IN  PRI                               12        LRRog                      Show

IL  Macon                           9/27    LRRog        World Hornet

IL  Coles Co.                       5/10   LRRog                    Racing

IL  Charleston                     5-3     LRRog                    Racing

IL  Farmer City                   4/18   LRRog                    Racing

IL  Macon                            4/12   LRRog                 Opening

MY Thoughts                                                    Its ON

2013 Events and Coverage


My Thoughts                                    Boner of the week

MY Thoughts                    This guyís gonna win a race

IL  Coles Co.                           8/24 LRRog                       Racing

IL  Coles Co.                           8/3   LRRog                       Racing

IL  Macon                                7/27 LRRog                     MOWA

MY Thoughts             The biggest family sport there is

IL  $2000 Wings                      Coles Co.                  7/16 LRRog

IL  Hell Tour                           Peoria                        7/15 LRRog

IL  Race Night                        Coles Co.                   7/13 LRRog

IL  Herald & Review 100       Macon                       7/11 LRRog

MY Thoughts                       Why do racetracks close? 

IL  Hell Tour Rain                  Highland                     7/6  LRRog

IL  5 Classes $5 GM              Farmer City               7-5  LRRog


IL  Hell Tour LM                   Tri-City                      6/21 LRRog

IL  Hell Tour Mods                Tri-City                      6-21 LRRog

IL  Race Night                        Charleston                 6/15 LRRog

IL  NASCAR Night                Macon                        6/13 LRRog

MY Thoughts                      Midgets, midgets, midgets

IL  POWRi Midgets               Macon                       6/8   LRRog

IL   POWRi Midgets               Lincoln                     6/7   LRRog

IL   POWRi Midgets               Jacksonville             6/6   LRRog

MY Thoughts                                            Catchin Up!


MY Thoughts                   The Indy 500 is Family Deal

IN  The Indy 500                    IMS                          5/16 LRRog

OK Destroyed                       I-44 Riverside   5/20 Cory Morris

IN   Qualifying                       Indy                           5/17 LRRog

TX  NASCAR Ride               TMS                            5/5 LRRog

TX  Race Night                      Grayson                      5/4 LRRog



MY Thoughts            So enough of the weather report! 

MY Thoughts               Yeahhh I got to go to the races

IL  Opening Night                   Macon                       4/6/13 LRR

IL  llini 100 WoO LM            FarmerCity                    4/5/ LRR

MY Thoughts                       I hope everything is OK?


MY Thoughts                             Wow! Itís about time

MY Thoughts                                   Itís nice to sweat 

FL  East Bay                            2-13  LRRog     Winternationals

FL  East Bay                            2-11  LRRog     Winternationals

FL  East Bay                            2-9    LRRog      Winternationals

FL  Bubba's                              2-8    LRRog      Winternationals

FL  East Bay                             2-8    LRRog    Winternationnals


IL  Midwest Speed Expo        1-6   LRRog                    Day2

IL  Midwest Speed Expo      1-4     LRRog                   Day 1

IL  Midwest Speed Expo      1-4     LRRog                  Set Up

2012 Events and Coverage


FL  Bubbas Raceway        12-2    LRRog     NeSmith Champ

FL  PRI                              12-1    LRRog                       Show


MY Thoughts                                      NASCAR is Not WWF


IL  Springfield                       10-27 LRRog  1/4 Midget  Nats

IL  Springfield                       10-27 LRRog                Reunion

MY Thoughts                            Free Races YEAHHHHHHH

MY Thoughts                      How Many Kids at YOUR Track


IL  Macon                          9-28  LRRog                      POWRi

MY Thoughts                    Modifieds Need Better Coverage

IL  Tri City                            9-21  LRRog          Mod Mania

MY Thoughts                                      NASCAR is Not WWF

MY Thoughts           Glad we are in the Short Track Market

IN  Paragon                      9-15  LRRog                Final Night

  MY Thoughts                           Back to racing and I am glad!

IL  Charleston                       9-8    LRRog                  Racing

IL  Tri City                            9-7    LRRog                   RainO


TX  TMS                                 8-26  LRRog  NASCAR Drive

TX  Kennedale                       8-25   LRRog                 Racing

IL  Macon                             8-18  LRRog                 POWRi

IL  The Springfield Mile      8-18  LRRog            Fair Races

IL  Fayette Co.                     8-10  LRRog                  Racing

IL  Charleston                       8-4    LRRog                 Racing


IL  Macon                             7-28  LRRog                MOWA

IL  Southern IL Raceway    7-21  LRRog          POWRi 600

IL  Cerro Gordo                   7-20  LRRog       Thunder Tour

IL  Charleston                      7-15  LRRog              DayRace

IL  Tri-City                           7-13  LRRog             LucasLM

IL  Macon                             7-5   LRRog            H & R 100


IL  Farmer City                    6-29  LRRog                  Racing

MY Thoughts                 Dirt, dirt, dirt at The Dirt Tracks. 

IL  Charleston                      6-23  LRRog               Racing

IL  Lincoln                            6-22  LRRog              POWRi

MY Thoughts                                      New Track  Fairbury

IL  Fairbury                          6-16  LRRog       Allen Mem.

IL   Macon                             6-12  LRRog         NASCAR

MY Thoughts                                                   Get The Bug

IL  Coles CO. Dragway        6-9   LRRog               Racing

IL  Clay Co.                           6-2   LRRog               Racing


IL  Macon                           5-28  LRRog NASCAR Night

The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.

IN  Indianapolis                    5-27  LRRog            The 500 

IL  Coles Co.                         5-26  LRRog              Racing

IL  Charleston                       5-19  LRRog              Racing

MY Thoughts                                  Movin Sucks Big Time

My Thoughts                                              Great Chicken!!

TX  85-Speedway                   5-5    LRRog              Racing

My Thoughts                     Whatís wrong with NASCAR?



TX  SuperBowl                       4-28  LRRog              Racing

My Thoughts      New People, New Coverage      LRRog

TX  Kennedale                       4-21  LRRog              Racing

TX  Cowtown                          4-21  LRRog              Racing

My Thoughts                             Top That!              LRRog

  My Thoughts            Everything But a Crowd               TX

TX  Grayson                           4-7    LRRog            Opening

TX  Mountain Creek              4-6   LRRog              Racing

TX  Yello Belly                       4-6    LRRog      Track Visit


My Thoughts       1500 miles travelled this week!        TX

TX  Lonestar                          3-31   LRRog       Lucas LM

My Thoughts              Goodbye Winter Blues                TX

MO  Lucas Oil Speedway       3-27  LRRog     Open House

TX  Kennedale                       3-24  LRRog              Racing

TX  Boyd Raceway                3-23  LRRog              Racing

My Thoughts                   Leaving Texas                     TX

My Thoughts    First Cup Win w/ New Crew Chief     NV


My Thoughts   You Might Need a New Crew Chief   TX

My Thoughts                          ITS ON                       USA

My Thoughts                     Tony Kyle Kurt                 TX


STEMS                            1-28  LRRog            Banquet

My Thoughts            More People to the Races        TX

My Thoughts              Winter Blues.    Chili, Winter Ntls

My Thoughts              Keep on Raining...            TX, NC

My Thoughts           Still...Tony, Tony, Tony            USA

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