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Race Shows

I love the shows in the winter. You can catch people and take a little time, when at the track its racin busy. We have  great coverage and 1000's of photos from the the shows below.  Goose said if you had not been to SEMA he could not tell you about it. J Fish covered the Parts Peddler show in NY. It is open to the public and has 1000's of racers attend. The IMIS show was new and a huge success. Many said it was a racers show. The PRI we had three people there, covering it, for you and we did not touch what is there. I have been going for 10 years and have not see it all yet!  The IMIS and the PRI are not open to the public. The Texas Racers Auction is in its 22 year and it is Texas BIG. Hope you like the photos and coverage below.Attend and support not only these shows but your local auction, swap, and trade shows.



Parts Peddler IMIS PRI Texas Racers Auction

Goose Covered SEMA


J Fish Covered Allowed no photos inside show.

Goose covered

Goose, LarrE, & LuvRacinRog Covered Bruce and LuvRacinRog Covered
Day 1 SEMA 11-20  12-1  Intro Party Goose               THUR LRRog                12-19
Day 2 SEMA     Goose                    FRI Bruce                  12-18
Day 3 SEMA Goose                    SAT  
Day 4 SEMA  
  LarrE                People
LarrE                   Cars
LarrE      Vintage Cars
LRRog             Day 1
LRRog              Day 2
LRRog              Day 3



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