Racing Photo Contest




We are having a have a Racing Photo Contest

 The prize is $50……for the most popular racing photo.  Notice Not the BEST photo…………..the most popular photo. 

The photos will be placed on the 1st of  the Month. Who ever gets the most views on their photo in the Month WINS.  

You do not have to be a professional photographer, or a track photographer to enter. Anyone who goes to the races can enter their photo.   Limit one photo per person.


The photos must in by Midnight the day before the end of the Month to qualify.


Email your photo to  put Photo Contest in the subject line. 


We need the following information  for the caption of the photo.


Who:              Who took the photo 

What:             The subject of the photo, who is in the photo, class of cars, ect. 

When:            The date the photo was taken.

Where:           The Track and State


If you have a website  include the link and we will get you some more traffic.


We reserve  the right to refuse any photo or any link to any websites.









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